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Salesforce Summer ’17 Release Takes the Lightning Experience to the Next Level

Salesforce Summer ’17 Release Takes the Lightning Experience to the Next Level

A major benefit of Cloud computing is the ability to constantly update and improve software solutions to enhance the Salesforce lightning experience. First of all, as the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Salesforce leverages that feature by issuing Summer, Winter and Spring releases each year to constantly pioneer a superior User Interface (UI) ... Read More
Salesforce Lightning is everything your reps love—and more!

Salesforce Lightning is everything your reps love—and more!

Salesforce has always been driven by your sales reps’ needs. As the world’s leading client relationship management (CRM) solution, Salesforce has spent nearly two decades pushing the envelope on technological transformation by giving your sales reps modern design, connectivity, mobility, automation and, in more recent iterations, intelligence and predictive analytics. The latest user interface (UI), ... Read More
How your SMB can jump ahead of the pack in 2017

How your SMB can jump ahead of the pack in 2017

How can your SMB jump ahead of the pack in 2017? (Learn how you’re already on your way!) You’ve spent years (or decades, maybe?) building your business. While you have had success, but the pressure to keep competing and growing never stops. This is the life you chose and you would not have it any other ... Read More
Salesforce Lightning Summer ’16 Release – Top 5 Features

Salesforce Lightning Summer ’16 Release – Top 5 Features

The summer ’16 Salesforce Lightning release is quite a milestone as it’s Salesforce’s 50th release. As summer is one the best seasons of the year, Salesforce have loaded the new release with developments that are bound to supercharge your overall business productivity.

How Professional Services Businesses overcome industry challenges with Salesforce

If you’re working in the Professional Services market you’ll know how important it is to have accurate, transparent and up to date information about your customers and services. Read more about how professional services business overcome industry challenges with Salesforce.

The 3 Things You’re Missing If You Aren’t Using A CRM

3 Things you’re missing out on if you aren’t using a CRM Managing a sales team isn’t as easy as some people may think. It feels straightforward in the team meetings, but once you get out in the field, countless things can slip through the cracks and issues may arise. The worst part is most ... Read More

Getting Salesforce Information Faster with GridBuddy

Salesforce users value fast and intuitive access to information. However, much of the time, the simple act of updating records requires far too many clicks to get to the information you need. It can be frustrating and time-consuming but what if you could eliminate all that clicking? Accessing Information with GridBuddy Salesforce users already know ... Read More

Inbox Pause: Turn Down Email and Turn Up Productivity

You could be spending all morning catching up on emails, responding to texts, tweets and Facebook messages, before finally getting down to business. And then….ping! That chime of the iPhone and simultaneous flash on the screen grabs for your attention once more. The fact that we’re all addicted to email isn’t exactly big news. What ... Read More

What You Need to Know about Cloud Computing CRM

What you need to know about Cloud Computing crm! Providing great service is more important than ever, and for businesses with a large customer base, Cloud Computing CRM software is essential to maintaining the personalized, individually tailored service that today’s consumers demand. Even if a large CRM implementation is beyond your company’s budget, Cloud-based CRM ... Read More

What is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is a rapidly changing the modern workplace with increased efficiency, mobility and integration We could call it a trend, but the emergence of Cloud computing is more than that – it’s is a significant step forward in the innovation and growth of the digital economy. Embrace Cloud Computing and ... Read More