In the world of sales, timing is everything. So when we came across a solution that enables sales teams to spend more time selling and less time caught up processing orders, we just had to blog about it.

Cue, BigMachines Express for Salesforce – designed to help you effectively scale your business. It is a ‘Configuration, Price, Quote’ solution and allows your sales professionals to spend more time selling and less time processing, resulting in ‘shorter scale cycles, increased revenue, improved margins, greater insight’ and most importantly, a highly productive and efficient sales team.

The features of BigMachines Express include:

  • Quick Installation & Easy to Use – it’s 100% native to nature allows it to be installed instantly and configured quickly with an easy setup interface.
  • Automated Product Selection – sales professionals are able to select the best products and deliver quick quotes to customers with guided selling.
  • Proposals – can be created in just a few minutes, meaning prospects receive their quote even quicker and sales professionals spend less time caught up with processing orders and more time selling.
  • Eliminate Errors – rest assured as the quality of product validity, up-to-date pricing and consistent proposals are maintained each time.
  • Sales Insight – quoting in Salesforce allows for ‘immediate and accurate analysis of sales pipeline and performance’. Utilise standard Salesforce forecasts, reports and dashboards to gain powerful sales insight.

For further insight into the BigMachines Express for Salesforce solution, check out the demo below or contact us on 08444 115 995.