What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a rapidly changing the modern workplace with increased efficiency, mobility and integration

We could call it a trend, but the emergence of Cloud computing is more than that – it’s is a significant step forward in the innovation and growth of the digital economy.

Embrace Cloud Computing and Make Your Network Wireless

Cloud computing leverages wireless technology by taking a company’s technology network and moving it “into the cloud.” Companies using the Cloud can move their hardware and software infrastructure off-site to be managed by an external organization and accessed via wireless devices wherever and whenever they need.

The implications are significant. The benefits are countless. Companies of every size and in every industry are leveraging the Cloud for greater efficiency and success.

The key benefits can pave the way for a company’s success.

Benefit # 1 – Cloud Computing Introduces Efficiencies

Leveraging the cloud allows makes an organization lean and nimble, providing a serious jump ahead in efficiency.

Reduced Investment – Every company knows investing in a technology network can run into the millions of dollars. You may not have been aware of this, but your CIO (and certainly your CFO!) know it well.

Fewer IT Resources – Running your own servers means having an in-house team to manage the IT system. With the Cloud, it’s no longer your responsibility. The Cloud means you are free from:

• Deployment problems
• Implementation delays
• Maintenance headaches
When you choose the Cloud, an experienced provider like Salesforce.com manages your network. The Cloud has just taken one more thing off your plate!

Greater Flexibility – Cloud computing also introduces greater flexibility into your company’s trajectory. As your organization grows, the Cloud offers:

• Better scalability
• Dependable disaster recovery
• Automatic upgrades

Many of the traditional headaches associated with your IT systems will disappear.

Benefit # 2 – Cloud Computing Expands Your Reach

With the Cloud, your network’s reach is nearly limitless. The extended reach will be felt by your:

• Staff
• Partners
• Clients
• Prospects

Everyone that depends on your tools, applications and information will benefit by using the Cloud.

Mobility – Mobility is the name of the game in the modern business environment. Companies are leveraging the Cloud for complete mobility and making their applications available wherever their people and teams are located.

Collaborative Reach – Your company is not stagnant. Your reps are on the move, your locations are in different territories and your executive team is busy connecting with a global marketplace. Your entire organization can leverage that mobility to enhance its collaborative efforts.
Using a Customer Relations Management (CRM) solution like Saleforce, for example:

• Reps in the field can better draw information and reports on customer accounts
• Executive team members can produce immediate reports; no more waiting for IT to produce the data
• Sales and marketing reps can share the same platform and complement each other’s efforts

Better Integration – Cloud-based applications integrate seamlessly with existing applications. Integrating Salesforce.org with your back office, for example, typically helps achieve a more efficient quoting and billing system and allows more critical information to be shared across the business.

Improved Strategy – With Cloud computing, your team can stop wrestling with small problems and start concentrating on high-payoff activities.

Benefit # 3 – The Cloud Drives Your Innovation
Cloud computing is a leap forward on the innovation scale, seriously changing the way companies manage their technology investments.

Automatic Updates – Leveraging the Cloud also ensures you are always using the latest versions of the application you are relying on. No more purchasing updates. No more downloading the latest version. It’s done for you.

Greater Customisation – The Cloud is not encumbered by in-house hardware or software. Custom applications are only a click away. Plus, the customisation will not be discarded when there’s an upgrade. Your customised set-up is retained throughout all upgrades.

Your Future is in the Cloud

When it comes to Cloud computing, “What’s not to like?” The benefits are certainly significant.
The good news is Ceterna can guide you through the process. Adopting a solution such as Force.com leverages the cloud to make Salesforce CRM available to your entire organization. We have significant experience in every phase of Salesforce system, including:

• Implementation
• Customisation
• Integration

We have system integrators and developers who are happy to build any customised app for Salesforce – whatever the requirements, we can build it.

Contact us today for more information.