CRM at the Management Table – Leveraging Salesforce Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Your business is driven by decisions. Every outcome – right from your day-to-day routines to your overall corporate strategy – results from an intentional choice.

And it’s not just at the boardroom level. Teams and individuals throughout your organization are constantly making decisions about where to focus their efforts and resources.

One essential key to success is making sure those decisions are informed. Informed decisions are based on data, insight and analysis.

Well-chosen paths are closely aligned to your overall corporate goals; they minimize risk and bring you closer to your business objectives.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions such as give your entire organization the tools to make sure their decisions are informed.

The impact can be felt at every level – strategically, operationally and tactically.

Developing Strategy: Transforming the Boardroom Discussion
To begin, an effective CRM solution will transform management-level discussions. With information, analysis and insight, those discussions will immediately become:

• Proactive, rather than reactive
• Focused on trends
• Responsive to real-time queries

With good data in front of you, the management team is better able to focus on the long-game. Boardroom deliberations will be what they were meant to be – strategic discussions about long-term goals rather than debates over short-term concerns.

Enhanced Customer Outreach

Leveraging a CRM such as Salesforce will give your business improved insights for every aspect of your customer outreach, including:
Sales – Sales teams managers can use the solution to create connections, see where sales are won or lost, and examine whether the average time to close is increasing or decreasing, for example. This information will help focus their attention on high-payoff activities, turn more prospects into clients and increase long-term revenue.

Customer Service – Customer service departments can resolve issues faster, track the daily averages for addressing and closing files, and share valuable information across the platform with other departments.

Marketing – Marketing executives can leverage the data to develop targeted campaigns, monitor customer activity and track overall effectiveness and ROI. It’s an invaluable to doing a deep dive on your market’s activities and analyze how customers really react to your products.

The combined focus of Sales, marketing and customer service will drive your overall goals.

Informing Your Decisions

Analytics help when the data is collected, organized and disseminated properly. Fortunately, Salesforce has considerable experience on the best ways to transform your business.

There are some key steps in this process.

Define Your Corporate Priorities – The first step is defining your priorities and identifying the key areas that will impact your business outcomes. The areas will then become your key metrics, or the things you want to measure.

Establish Alignment – Your key metrics must link to your overall strategy– this is alignment. Alignment links analytics to your overall corporate strategy through:

• Dashboards
• Reports
• Charts
• Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

These are the tools and measurements that will inform whether you are meeting your targets.

Build the Right Dashboards –Salesforce dashboards track and monitor business performance. Dashboards turn into reports that analyse, compare, and project the outcomes. Together, they have a superior ability to clarify targets, options and decisions.

Communicate the Plan – We have all seen corporate initiatives that could make real positive change, but failed because nobody knew about it. Don’t let your Salesforce solution become one of those initiatives. Get everyone involved. Your implementation scheme should be accompanied by an effective communications plan.

Leveraging Insight for Competitive Advantage

People throughout your company can make better decisions through more informed choices. From top to bottom, it has the potential to transform your organization.

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