At the leading edge of technology development, Salesforce is preparing for growth by leveraging the potential of SaaS wearables. unveiled the Puls today at Dreamforce, a wrist wearable that can do everything a phone can, and more. It can run many different apps including certain social networks, fitness apps and of course, maps!

The device will be available this Christmas through a variety of channels, including fashion stores and online sites.

There are already many Third-Party Apps which will integrate SaaS wearables into the Salesforce Environment and offering significant benefits for account management, customer identification and more personalised event management.

Consider, for example, apps offering the following:

Better Account Management  Alpine Metrics’ Intelligent Forecasting app gives sales people instant access to important trends on their wearable device which delivers a better understand on what’s happening with their business and prioritise deals in real time.

Similarly, APX-Labs leverages the integration of the Salesforce Wear Platform to enable field workers to quickly log a case in the Salesforce Service Cloud, all while they continue to work.

Greater Authentication  Brivo Labs’ identity access management application, NthID, works with Nymi’s persistent identity authentication using a person’s cardiac rhythm – a unique quality to every individual – to allow for safe, secure and easy-to-access to both laptops and physical spaces.

Seamless Movements in the Workplace  Developed by ClickSoftware, the ShiftExpert app works with devices such as the Samsung Gear II, enabling employees to complete tasks such as clocking in-and-out, which are then automatically incorporated into time sheets.

Improved Patient Care  Through a series of apps from Etherios, patients’ health is monitored after leaving the hospital in real-time through connected scales, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters. Remote monitoring is enabling individuals to live healthier lives in the comfort of their own homes.

More Personalised Events Management  Powered by FacialNetwork, the HospitalityID app provides customer service reps wearing smart glasses instant identification of guests. Through integration with Salesforce, FacialNetwork can then access guest preferences helping users exceed customer expectations.

Proximity Insight’s app sends Android Wear notifications to staff when a VIP customer comes within range of their location, allowing them to create a personalised experience.