Salesforce Winter ‘15 release offers superior connection with customers, partners and employees

 Salesforce recently announced its Winter ’15 release that introduces more than 80 new features for the entire product suite: the Salesforce 1 Platform, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Exact Target Marketing Cloud.

The release includes new communities, desktop and mobile features that allow users to connect with customers, partners, employees and products like never before.

Moreover, the Salesforce Winter ’15 release introduced the first new cloud in almost two years – the Community Cloud. The Community Cloud empowers users to create Communities of Action to connect with partners, customers and employees.


Salesforce Winter 15 New Features

The Winter ‘15 release includes a wealth of new features driving:

  • Faster implementation
  • Login management
  • Reputation management
  • Topic management
  • Knowledge management

The specific benefits are described below.


Salesforce1 Platform now has advanced controls for sign-in, login and mobility functions.

Social Sign-On – Users may use Social Sign-on to quickly login to communities with their Twitter or Linkedin accounts. From the admin perspective, Social Sign-on allows organizations to provide a more personalized login page for every type of user, while collecting accurate user or customer data.

 Community Login Page Editor – The editor allows you to create and customize login pages for external users. With simple point and click you can add new components, change the background image, choose font size or colour, and use either the Salesforce identity or a customized community look.

Mobile Features – The Salesforce mobile app has a fresh new look to help users move faster. Mobile users can now use the Mobile Action Bar to work with records immediately without opening the record itself. The users can simply swipe left on any field and all the custom actions are displayed

Enhanced Security – The new release features enhanced data encryption to protect any information in seconds. With this feature, users can encrypt standard or custom fields as well as files, documents and attachments.


Sales Cloud

Winter ’15 additions to Sales Cloud allow your sales managers to better connect with your partners and drive sales through:

Stronger Visibility – Sales reports have greater impact as users may customize forecasts or overlay split forecasts.

New territory features – Multiple Territory Models and Territory Preview allows managers to preview potential territory set-ups before rolling them out to the sales team.

Greater Mobility – The mobile app has been strengthened giving sales reps more productivity on-the-go.

The Sales Cloud has also added features to better manage the topics and reputation levels within customized communities.


Service Cloud

Changes to the Service Cloud allow you to connect with your stakeholders better with enhanced communities and stronger customer service functions.

Self-Service – Help customers help themselves. Winter ’15 allows you to build, brand and deploy a self-service site so customers may find their own answers.

New Knowledge Management Features – Everyone loves getting to the answer quickly. That’s why Winter ’15 includes:

  • Next-generation knowledge search
  • Promoted knowledge results

Winter ’15 leverages these features to help customer service reps search the knowledge base for the best information and solve cases faster and easier than ever before.


Exact Target Marketing Cloud

The Exact Target Marketing Cloud has also added new features, including a “Journey Builder” – a drag-and-drop feature to customize customer interactions across all media and channels – apps, social, mobile and email.


Learn More

To learn more about the Winter ’15 release, download the Salesforce Release Notes Salesforce Winter 15 New Features or contact Ceterna today.