Does your management team ever call for better client relationships? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Most managers have the “connect with clients” speech ready-to-go at all times. And then they demand measurable results.
That’s where Salesforce comes into play. Salesforce Chatter is the beating heart of social collaboration platform – offering tools that will take client relationships to the next level.
Ready to hear how the benefits play out? Here are four ways you can start using Salesforce Chatter to connect employees to work efficiently across organizational boundaries and rev up productivity now.

Shoot the breeze for more action and connecting to business processes
On the Salesforce Chatter community you’ll be able to create a support case, update sales opportunities and approve project funds—from anywhere in the world. Data and records are connected and streamlined to your internal systems, maximizing efficiency and eliminating the possibility for error. Integrate data and extend processes directly to the people who matter most: your customers and partners.

Lights, Camera, Action
You can do it all from the feed—approve those expense reports, create new support cases, update orders, and more. Customize actions for your company, and even integrate third-party or your own custom apps. Do it all, from one spot, now.

Take it anywhere and everywhere
Salesforce Chatter is designed mobile-first, enabling the best kind of streamlined mobile experience. Post to a group, download a file, or update a service case or sales opportunity using the Salesforce1 Mobile App from any device. You have the added bonus of being able to use custom mobile actions to drive progress forward. You’re on the move. We get it, because we are too. It makes a rich mobile experience that much sweeter.

Engagement Time
You want everyone participating, and contributing their best thoughts and ideas. That’s why you hired them, right? The solution invites and encourages employees to join the conversation, and the badging and endorsement features can highlight and celebrate key contributors.

It’s not just for talking – there is real business to be done!
A little more collaborative dialogue on Salesforce Chatter yields a lot more business action. Time to start the conversation. And the next time management calls for better client relationships, you’ll have a good answer.

Oh and psssst, we know that winter continues to plod grimly along but a hint of spring will soon be in the air and with it the promise of Salesforce’s spring ‘15 release!

Stay tuned to Ceterna and we’ll give you the skinny on how this new release will deliver powerful new business intelligence capabilities, greater control over your data and even more ways to collaborate on deals and projects.

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