As your London Salesforce Certification partners, we are immersed in the long-anticipated Spring release, and looking ahead to the business benefits that the solution provides.

Our starting point is pretty clear – this is the biggest and best Salesforce yet.

The new Customer Success Platform will allow you to meaningfully connect with your customers, employees and partners from any device. And across the entire suite – from Sales to Service to Marketing, Analytics and Community – there’s an improvement for every cloud.

Their new release has over 250 new features! Phew. That’s a lot to wade through. Luckily for you, we’ve reviewed the solution ourselves and selected a few top-notch enhancements we’re particularly excited about.

Sit back, relax, and let your Salesforce Certification partners take you on a tour.

Here are five Spring release features you definitely won’t want to miss.

1. Sales Path (Beta)

A slick new tool for sales reps everywhere, the new Sales Path helps you push ahead in the prospects and deal stages while guiding and recommending sales engagement tools.

Changing your company’s sales tactics? No problem. Sales Path automatically reflects your new priorities so reps can stay focused on selling. The new Sales Path is like having your own sales guru to lend you tips, words of encouragement, or a virtual high-five.

2. Salesforce Email Connect

Who doesn’t want to do email more efficiently? Now, you can really amp up your productivity by bringing the Salesforce experience into Outlook Web App on any Mac or Windows-based computer or any mobile device. The Salesforce App will also sync up with Outlook, keeping all your contacts and events streamlined and up-to-date. Think of all the time you’ll save. Boom.

3. Smart and Simple Console for Service

Now you can resolve cases faster and improve productivity, because your Service Console just got brighter. It’s become more intuitive and streamlined, providing insights into how to close cases quickly, allowing you to work on multiple cases with the same issue at the same time. Pretty clever indeed.

The new console also features handy customisable sidebar components, more refined search functionality and keyboard shortcuts. Overall it’s a cleaner, smarter and more streamlined tool.

4. Community Management Console

As Salesforce Certification partners, we know that robust Community Management is essential for business success. That’s why this new console update is timely – it monitors and manages more efficiently by including Community Analytics—a tool enabling managers to track growth and activity. It also allows companies to tailor community structure to effectively drive usage and signups.

5. Analytics Cloud

The Analytics Cloud is a welcome addition to the Salesforce family – it’s like our newborn family member that does everything! So whether you’re a business user, analyst or developer, the Analytics Cloud can help you access data, get answers, and act immediately. This is a particularly cool way for your team to access powerful insights and take action, letting the data tell the story.

Spring (Release) is in the Air

Everyone’s happy that spring is in the air. None the least the folks at Ceterna, your Salesforce Certification partners. Bring on the blossoms, and these sweet new features. We’ll be using the time we save to hang out outside and smell the roses. How about you?