The Salesforce Community is a uniquely powerful tool for connecting with customers.

Let’s face it – customers and potential clients can be enigmatic, inconsistent and tough to track down. They are literally moving targets. Plus, today’s companies are more informed than ever before; they have a range of options to guide their future decisions. That’s where the Salesforce Community comes in. The Salesforce Community and its Insights platform can shed light on a company’s mysterious ways while helping your company move forward.
Let’s drill down by identifying four key steps to achieving a better overall picture for your sales strategy:

1. Use “Buying Personas”
Create “buying personas” for your customers and potential clients. It’s true that every customer has different priorities and faces a different process in their buying decision. But let’s not overcomplicate things. When we examine the marketplace from a high level, we realize that most customers are facing the same problems. Remember: every product was originally built to fix something or fill a market-gap. Start by sticking to those widely-felt pain points, then use the Salesforce Community to tailor your approach to your customer’s specific circumstances.

2. Make “Alignment” Your Goal
Alignment is when your solution meets the customer’s needs. It’s when your needs “align.” As we recommended above, start with the reasons your product was initially developed – those pain points – then create an insight that leads directly to your solution. Product marketing delivers the wow-factor to the sales team by highlighting the specific capabilities your product delivers. This insight will help lead to the product, rather than the traditional marketing approach of leading with the product.

3. Spice It Up
Achieving alignment with your customer’s needs is the practical part. But there’s also the importance of creating the intrigue – the “a-ha” moment – where the customer says, “I get it now, I hadn’t thought of it that way before!” In this sense, you’re feeding the customer what you want them to eat. You bring it to the table, but they’re the ones who pick it up because it looks so intriguing.

4. Be Real
Insights should always have an intrinsic value and cause the buyer to consider the challenges and opportunities in front of them. Be genuine. Don’t pass off blatant self-promotion as an insight. Your customers will see through it in a second. Use solid insights to build credibility, not deteriorate it.

Remember: Buyers Want You To Solve Their Problems
Every buyer wants you to understand their specific needs. The only way your company can demonstrate it does is through proper use of insights. When you engage in the Salesforce Community and take advantage of the Insights platform, you may find that your customers’ ways aren’t so mysterious after all.

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