Everyone likes being wanted and customer centric, and we’re all striving to be the company that customers can’t live without. And you should. To continue growing, you’ll need ongoing loyalty from those companies. It’s just the way business works.

But can this actually happen, or is it just wishful thinking?

It can. Becoming indispensable to your customers is a very real possibility, and with some key strategic steps, you can make it happen.

There are three important steps to making your company truly essential.


1. Start With Their Needs enable

You need customers to value what you sell. That point is obvious. What many companies fail to realize, however, is that value is defined and created by your customers.

As such, smart companies don’t start with their products. Rather, they start with the customer’s needs. They internalize the customer’s trajectory and pain points before implementing their own strategy.

Your approach to value creation must be in partnership with your customers from start to finish. It’s the foundation on which you will build a powerful, vital business.


2. Partner Up

Determine how your products can be applied to your customers’ processes and tackle the issues that matter to them. What are their internal obstacles? What are their external pressures?

Like any healthy relationship, you should communicate about what’s not working in order to make positive changes. Transparency and dialogue on both sides is key to establishing a fruitful partnership with your customers.


3. Toot Your Own Horn When It Counts

As you begin the long-term journey of making sure your customers are deriving maximum value from your products, make sure everyone understand when things are going well. If you don’t document and validate your value, they will almost certainly be overlooked. Over time, they will be entirely forgotten. Make sure economic impact statements are well documented so that your value is properly recorded and can be presented when necessary.


Becoming Truly Indispensable

Pull away from the pack with this approach to customer centric value creation, and be the business that your customers come back to every single time. After all, we all want to be the one others can’t live without!


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