We live in a time of extraordinary innovation: the tech world is bursting with creativity and unique, ultra-cool apps are hitting the market constantly. Sometimes though, the idea behind an app is so good that it pulls away from the pack and takes on a life of its own. That’s exactly what happened with Uber.


Founded in 2009 as UberCab, the company expanded internationally in 2012. For those who haven’t used it, Uber is an app that is downloaded to your phone and tied to a credit card. Because the app uses location-based technology, you can hail an Uber car with a click of the button, and watch as the car makes its way to you. The fare is automatically calculated, tip included, and the process is thus entirely seamless, a major part of the appeal.


So how is Uber the future of CRM? Well, in its essence, Uber connects drivers and customers in real-time, conducts a frictionless transaction and manages the relationship using a feedback channel. Uber is customer relations management—it relies heavily on customer reviews. In fact, as soon as you hail a ride, you’ll get the name of your driver and their overall rating on a scale of one-to-five.


For apps like Uber, whose core is all about managing client relationships, the critical importance of a solid CRM platform cannot be underestimated. In a sense, Uber is both a taxi app and the ultimate CRM platform for its market. What will the next generation of CRM look like? Our guess is a lot like Uber.


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