The Apple Watch is definitely the cool new kid on the block. After all, it’s one of the most highly anticipated gadget releases in recent years and represents the new wearable tech frontier, with user relationships to their devices becoming increasingly seamless.

We all love to play with a new gizmo, and here at Ceterna we were lucky enough to test out the Apple Watch ourselves. So we sat down in the office and decided to see if the hype matched the product. Here’s what we discovered:

Apple Watch in the World of Business

As a high-functioning business tool, the Apple Watch has an incredibly streamlined user experience. Not only is the set-up simple, it is surprisingly subtle and unobtrusive to wear. Overall, you can genuinely forget it’s there.

Of course, we wanted to experience the Salesforce platform on the watch, and were delighted by the sleek experience. The watch functions particularly brilliantly with Salesforce Chatter, with easy-to-read messages one click away.

All About You

Apple Watch benefits certainly aren’t limited to the world of business. As a personal device, the user experience is equally as simple and efficient. You can definitely toss out your old pedometer; the Smartwatch is destined to be a wonderfully effective new health tracker.

It lets you track calories burnt (and consumed) all from the convenience of your wrist—so you can check out the stats as you reach for that morning croissant.

What’s in the Cards?

In the future, we see Apple Watch as the one centralised tool for both business and personal success. Not only will the watch dispense with the need for business cards, it is a fabulous tool for networking in real-time. The watch also simplifies business presentations, eliminates the need for extraneous platforms to lug around, and can contain not only your presentation, but also functions as the clicker!

Bottom Line on Apple Watch

Of course, as a first-generation wearable, the Apple Watch is sure to have kinks that will be ironed out in due course. But ultimately, it’s a beautifully constructed, feature-packed and compact smartwatch. With its top-notch fitness software, hundreds of apps and the ability to send and receive calls via iPhone, we have a feeling that it may become the one device you just can’t live without.

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