Salesforce AppExchange is a computing marketplace where the end user can access, download, and install custom software applications.

Did you know that Salesforce AppExchange recently hit 3 million downloads?

There are thousands of awesome apps available to download for your business today. You can watch app demos, read descriptions and reviews on each app you click on. All apps are already integrated to the Salesforce platform so all you have to do is to download it straight from the web.

For your safety, Salesforce ensures that all the apps are approved before it goes in the marketplace. And that’s why it has been recognised as the number one business app marketplace.

Salesforce AppExhange allows you to access popular apps and new apps in the marketplace on the left hand side of their website, along with links to different categories and industries.

There’s bound to be a helpful app for you and your business!

Here are our favorite apps:

Inline Account Hierarchy by Salesforce Lab ★★★★★

“The best thing about this app is that it’s free! I know that free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good but this one is seriously GOOD! It’s easy to use especially when finding different tools. Most importantly it helps me with my organisational skills since it displays all my different accounts in collapsible trees.”

Easymargin by Apracor GmbH ★★★★★
“The reason why I love this app a lot is that it’s so easy to calculate on there. It calculates the gross margin, total purchase, commission and the profitably of each sale. Most importantly it tracks everything and calculates KPIs for me. This is basically my new best friend”

Pardot Marketing Automation by Salesforce ★★★★★

“I really enjoy how this app connects with everything. It shows the metrics and numbers really clearly so it’s suitable for everyone! The app allows me to connect with sales tools and get real time alerts though my mobile and computer. It tracks different interactions such as page views, downloads and more. The downside is that it’s not free, but it’s totally worth it.”

There are currently 44% free apps and 56% paid apps on the Salesforce AppExchange market. Why not download an app today?

Here’s a video of the Salesforce AppExchange overview DEMO – CLICK HERE

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