Back in the old days, Salesforce workflow enabled you to set up workflow rules in order to identify actions/updates such as sending email alerts and updating records. Now this is great, but you’ve discovered that your workflows can’t function unless you’ve provided complex codes?

For example, without coding you can’t:

  • Create new records
  • Populate lookup fields
  • Update records through lookup relationships
  • Automate approval processes
  • Create Automated chatter posts

Unfortunately, only a Salesforce developer can manage these highly complex codes, and hiring someone to type codes would be expensive and time consuming. Along with this, you could only create a certain number of functions with workflow, which was frustrating. It would also get more time consuming to develop a series of workflows, which are needed to work with each other.

It’s time to reveal the Process Builder…


“The Process Builder is a new workflow tool that helps you easily automate your business processes by providing a powerful and user-friendly visual representation of your process as you build it.”- Salesforce

You are able to:

• Create a record
• Update any related record
• Use a quick action to create a record, update a record, or log a call
• Trigger an auto launched flow—from immediate and also scheduled actions
• Send an email
• Post to Chatter
• Submit a record for approval

Before, you probably would have taken twice the time using APEX trigger to do automations, and also spent a lot of time on testing and changing codes. The Process Builder now allows you to achieve more tasks than workflow did, and the best part is that you don’t need to be a code genius to automate these processes and build powerful applications in Salesforce.

To sum up, the Process Builder can make your life a lot easier. It provides numerous advantages that save you from pulling your hair out, like having everything you need is on one page. By using Process Builder you’ll spend less time creating automated processes and also save yourself the struggle of viewing a long list of workflow rules. There’s also no need to touch any APEX codes to automate simple tasks.

It’s time to move on and try the Process Builder. Don’t forget to tell us what you think!

You can get more information about Process Builder here – CLICK HERE

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