Many people see the benefits of Salesforce, but getting started may seem daunting. Indeed, there are many features, and the learning curve can be steep. A new user will ask:

  • How do you ensure you’re using each cloud to its full advantage?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if there were Salesforce gurus to help guide you on the journey?

The good news is there’s Trailhead. In the words of Salesforce:

“Trailhead is an interactive learning path through the basic building blocks of the Salesforce1 Platform. Test your knowledge of the platform while earning points and badges to celebrate your achievements.”

In other words, Trailhead is an innovative and accessible training application developed and maintained by Salesforce. It updates frequently with new content and challenges, ensuring your business is in tune with software updates in a manner that feels amusing rather than overwhelming.

Here are three facts about Trailhead to help get your head around the potential.

Trailhead: Challenges, Points and Badges

Think of challenges as mini quizzes. They’re simply interactive exercises that test your knowledge of any Salesforce unit, helping you master different aspects of the Salesforce1 Platform in a way that’s a lot less tedious than leafing through the fine print of a how-to guide.

Finishing challenges earns you points that, after completing each module, lead to badges that are then added to your Salesforce Developers public profile.

And the world sees your expertise — you can show off your achievements via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and compare progress with your colleagues. It gives everyone in the office a chance to get excited about Salesforce.

You Can Go Your Own Way

Salesforce has created pre-determined paths to follow. For example, there are basic and intermediate admin and developer trails for employees at every stage of the Salesforce journey.

However, these are simply guidelines, and users are welcome to choose any path they wish, start and stop as they please, and jump around between modules. Trailhead is designed specifically for this kind of flexibility. You can take breaks and pick up where you left off later—Trailhead will track your progress for you.

Trailhead is Free!

All Trailhead content is available for free. It’s fun to complete all the challenges and gather all the qualified badges, especially if you’re really competitive. Also, you can view all the learning content without ever having to log in.

If you do decide Trailhead is for you, it’s a simple and free sign-up process to begin tracking your progress, completing challenges and racking up points and badges.

What are you waiting for? Time to hit the trails!

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