We’ve been reading Fast Company’s list of the 100 most Creative People in Business, 2015.

It got us thinking. A lot of people on the list began their creative journey from a unique idea. But with some good fortune, a dose of ambition and plenty of plain, old-fashioned hard work, they created a globally renowned, highly successful enterprise.

There are a lot of effective Salesforce CRM features out there, as we’ve discussed in past posts. But we decided to skip the shortlist and bring you straight to the top dog: a feature that caters to the start-up, to the small and medium-sized businesses that have a rich and successful future ahead. Because you simply never know.

Are you ready? Here it comes: our favourite Salesforce CRM feature for small and medium sized businesses.


Your company probably has a website, right? We thought so. Do you also have a “Contact Us” page? If it’s not connected to Salesforce, it probably just lashes out an email to someone on your staff. But what if this person is on holiday? What if they’re sick, or swamped with other work? What happens to the message from a potential client? Do you lose the sale? Not so fast.

Enter Web-to-Lead. It adds some much needed multi-faceted functionality to the “Contact Us” page on your company site. Once configured, it can perform a myriad of tasks.

  • Redirect the visitor to another page after they click “Submit” (either a confirmation page or a “Thank You” page with next steps)
  • Create a Lead record in Salesforce CRM
  • Dynamically assign the record to the appropriate user or queue and send a notification that a new record just hit Salesforce
  • Send a personalized email response from a library of branded communications
  • Have dozens of forms across your site submitting Leads all at once, creating up to 500 Leads a day

All of this happens within seconds, saving you the time and energy to focus on the aspects of running your business that matter the most. Keep branding and messaging consistent, route messages to the right people, and make it happen quickly. That’s Web-to-Lead, and that’s why we chose it as our favourite Salesforce CRM feature for small and medium-sized businesses.

The Bottom Line? Sometimes, rooting for the underdog is the best thing to do. With Salesforce CRM under your belt, it’s hard to predict what might happen in the future when you start to grow up.

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