You could be spending all morning catching up on emails, responding to texts, tweets and Facebook messages, before finally getting down to business.

And then….ping! That chime of the iPhone and simultaneous flash on the screen grabs for your attention once more.

The fact that we’re all addicted to email isn’t exactly big news. What is significant, perhaps, is the amount of time spent on email responding to everyone else’s wants, needs and requests while ignoring our own business priorities.

The constant notifications that pop up in the corners of our devices make it nearly impossible to ignore incoming messages.

And let’s face it. Rarely does a message require such urgent and immediate attention that it couldn’t wait an hour or two. But we just feel that we have to email back incoming messages immediately as we sense that its an urgent matter. As a result, we can not truly enjoy our personal time at home or on holiday.


Culture Shift

Some cultures are trying to stop people checking their emails out of work hours that disturbs their personal lives. France has officially banned employees from checking their devices after 6pm to ensure that French employees’ workdays have a finite end point.

But what if we don’t live in France? How are we supposed to stop checking our inboxes and get back to what matters? That’s where “Inbox Pause” comes in.


Inbox Pause

Inbox Pause lets you take control of dealing with your email instead of letting other people creating your inbox tune.

To increase productivity through the workday, it’s better to deal with emails in small increments rather than constantly check them as they come in.

Inbox Pause does precisely this – allowing you to temporarily put your inbox on hold, stop the flow of email messages, and receive the messages at a specific, pre-determined hour.


Popular and Free Extension

Inbox Pause is a popular and free extension for Chrome and Firefox and works with Gmail and Google Apps account.

Inbox Pause currently has over 10,000 users. And since it takes 64 seconds to recover from each message that interrupts you—the extension has already saved over 15,000 hours from being wasted.

Hey, it’s 2015 and even if you don’t have self-control, don’t worry. There’s an app for that.

Try it yourself, and see just how much time you save.


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