The relationship between sales and marketing has always been very distant. They don’t have the same aims and disagree on each other’s approaches. It means that it’s hard to close deals when both of them don’t get the right information.


What’s the problem?

From a marketer’s point of view, marketers want to gather as many prospects as possible through a wide range of marketing channels such as social media. They create beautiful, persuasive and segmented marketing material that can potentially bring in many hot leads. Moreover, it tries to raise the company’s profile online and offline linking it with the sales department.

On the other hand, sales reps are the ones who communicate with prospects. However, the leads that marketing provides don’t actually meet their needs. Most of the time they find it hard to gather information from the marketing department. This is because sales reps are always busy on the phone talking to clients or at client meetings.

Let’s be honest, the sales department doesn’t know exactly what the marketing department are doing most of the time. The communication gap widens when both parties aims do not align. This can hurt the company’s growth, ROI and culture in the long run and short run.


So how can we fix this?

Pardot helps align both parties together by providing several features on one platform.

“Pardot is B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce that allows marketing and sales teams to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns that increase revenue and maximize efficiency.” – Pardot



Sales reps can get real time notifications in order to find out potential prospects. As a result, sales reps are able to respond to prospects straight away and stay up to date with their prospects. Sales reps are able to save time by concentrating on hot leads and track prospect activities. All of this can be done in just a few clicks on Pardot. Perfect sale!



Reports are essential to marketers as it gives them an idea on how their campaigns are doing. Pardot helps marketers by creating automated tasks, which means that marketers are able to concentrate on their priorities and knowing that they will nurture leads at the same time. All social media posts can be managed in a central hub, resulting in saving time and efficiency.


Sales + Marketing = Best Friends

Now, your sales and marketing department can work along better. Pardot provides up to date insights and statistics so both teams can be on the same boat. It tackles the lack of communication and increases productivity by providing fully engaging data that both teams need.


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