If you ever wanted an app that could track, manage and communicate your workload through a clear, simple, and seamless interface, your wait is over.

TaskRay is the organisational tool you need – fully integrated into Salesforce1 – to drag-and-drop actions, review Chatter conversations, and enjoy easy to navigate interface of Salesforce. It heightens the dynamism within your team by increasing efficiency and improving productivity from the ground up.

Here are five ways TaskRay helps you streamline project management to ensure every project culminates in success.

1. Clarity and Simplicity

The TaskRay app interface is intuitive, straightforward and simple. It integrates a drag-and-drop function that allows tasks to be entered and tracked with the click of a button. It easily facilitates views across different projects and teams, highlighting current work and creating a map.

2. The Right Tools for Your Team

TaskRay is integrated with the Salesforce platform, so it provides insurmountable flexibility when integrating with your existing processes and data. You can build TaskRay into your workflow rules from the bottom up. Creating and manipulating Salesforce reports and dashboard widgets on data, linking to existing objects such as Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities—it can all be done on TaskRay. Whatever your teams’ unique needs might be, TaskRay is up to the challenge.

3. For Your Eyes Only

TaskRay provides various levels of security for all your projects to ensure sensitive data is protected. While the default TaskRay settings are public, certain projects or tasks are easily set to a private-sharing model. Simply open the contributor’s tab beside each project for a clear checklist and user-friendly privacy options.

4. Bing! You Have 1 New Notification

TaskRay’s notification function makes it easy to address comments from others, but on your own schedule. Notifications are displayed as the team edits tasks or projects, but administrators have the capability to regulate the frequency that the app checks for updates, thus regulating the number of notifications.

5. Subscribe with Versatility

TaskRay’s subscription options are flexible offering monthly and annual payment plans to meet your budget requirements. There is a no obligation free trial option, giving you an opportunity to test the app without any financial commitment.

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