In today’s global economy, the tools of the trade make business travel easier to log, organise and handle. Expensify, the free app whose tagline hits the heart of the matter – “Expense reports that don’t suck” – turns a mundane administrative task into a user-friendly process. And it just makes sense.

Expensify is fully integrated into the Salesforce1 platform, making it ideal for personal and business use. You can tag expenses with Salesforce/FinancialForce PSA objects, gain insights into employee spending and customer acquisition, and streamline your accounting and payroll responsibilities.

Why does Expensfiy work so well?

Expensify imports your expenses and receipts directly from your credit card – It syncs with your accounts, pulls in expenses and receipts directly, logs mileage expenses, and generates rules to automate all recurring spending. Expensify also sets up eReceipts for almost all credit card purchases so you can stop worrying about collecting bits of paper in your wallet. Instead, SmartScan reads the receipt automatically and does the typing for you. There is unlimited storage, so accrue all the purchases you want!

Expensify submits PDF reports by email – This feature is invaluable. The app creates an approval flow for all expense reports and reimburses individual reports up to approximately £6400 using direct deposit. The money deposits into your employee’s accounts without a second thought or a button click.

Expensify Streamlines – The app imports all your expense categories and automatically creates a policy for reports headed your way. It streamlines the entire operation—meaning you can centrally manage employees and integrate existing accounting and payroll policy rules. Seriously, it’s that good.

Seamless Integration
In keeping with the entire Salesforce1 experience, Expensify runs seamlessly from any mobile platform. That means the efficient and hassle-free expense tracker is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, which is the point, isn’t it?

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