Salesforce users value fast and intuitive access to information. However, much of the time, the simple act of updating records requires far too many clicks to get to the information you need.

It can be frustrating and time-consuming but what if you could eliminate all that clicking?

Accessing Information with GridBuddy

Salesforce users already know about the wealth of great apps and services to optimise and customise their experience of the platform.

Find out what the GridBuddy app solution can do for you.

With the GridBuddy app you can:

View and cross-reference data in an easy-to-read report, stylised like an Excel spreadsheet.

Filter and sort information using both simple and complex criteria. Narrow down data sets to access the exact records you need, quickly.

Act on the data as quickly as you find it using mass updates, edits, and create/delete operations. Launch configurable actions directly from your grid data.

It’s a real step towards greater efficiency.

Clarity, Efficiency, Consolidation

With GridBuddy, the name of the game is clarity and efficiency. Gone are the days of editing multi-record data sets one-by-one.

Nuvem Co-Founder Matt Dillon said this app is “All about consolidation and not having to drill down to multiple levels with multiple clicks. This isn’t an elaborate, complex app but a simple solution that solves a very common challenge.”

We couldn’t agree more. GridBuddy can be easily customised for your specific needs by adding a PM Dashboard with a project calendar and the to-do list function that is native to Salesforce.

GridBuddy is a cost-effective way to generate efficiency. For everyone on your team, it makes life a little easier.

Get Down to Business Quicker

Simply put: with GridBuddy, you can spend less time entering data and more time closing sales.

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