We have previously talked about virtues of the Cloud, so today we’re taking it a step further by showing how it’s possible – and yes, it is possible — to launch your business exclusively with Cloud apps.

As we’ve said, Cloud-based services are growing all around us, and we are moving away from the days of acquiring costly server hardware and software licensing fees.

Say hello to the Cloud—where your data is always a click away.

Follow these steps to build your system, get the Cloud apps you need, and get your people out in the marketplace spreading the word. Your future success depends on it.

Step 1—Choose a Leaner Approach to Hardware

Starting out on the Cloud means avoiding the hassle of managing hardware – those servers and systems that take up financial and physical space.

Outsourcing IT services to your Cloud provider not only allows you to work from anywhere in the world, but it also eliminates the financial costs of keeping hardware systems up-to-date.

It’s your business and you’re in charge: focus on what makes you passionate. Stay lean and run things faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

Step 2—Expand your Software Reach with SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) makes software available from the Cloud rather than installing on-site.

Think: faster installation times, reduced administration, automatic, seamless updates and patch management, constant accessibility and better collaboration with colleagues (all users will be using the same version of the software at all times).

When you’re starting on the Cloud, there’s no reason not to stay SaaSy (Sorry, we couldn’t help it).

Step 3—Take your First Steps with Greater Mobility

Once you’ve implemented your platform, you’re ready to make tracks out in the marketplace. A Cloud-based system offers optimal mobility to engage with your customers, partners and clients in more immediate and compelling ways than ever before.

You’ve got the greatest reach possible with the right tools. Consider a platform that tailors the right apps to meet your particular business needs. That’s where Salesforce comes in.

Salesforce Has You Covered:

Leading edge CRM platforms such as Salesforce can help establish your small business on the Cloud. Leveraging your Cloud presence, your organization will undoubtedly want to make use of:

  • Online email marketing to send emails and track results
  • Private instant internal messaging networks
  • Mobile note-taking devices
  • Real-time sales tracking from anywhere in the world
  • Online collaboration tools

To learn more about how Salesforce’s Cloud-based apps can help get your business up and running successfully for the lowest possible cost, contact Ceterna today.