This week Salesforce announced their expansion into the world of healthcare with the timely release of the Health Cloud.

The Salesforce Health Cloud will help clinicians strengthen patient relationships while leveraging mobile technologies for greater access to healthcare data.

The Health Cloud release coincided with a recent statement from UK health secretary Jeremy Hunt, who announced that British patients will have access to their entire medical record by 2018 and they will also be able to read and add to it using smartphones and other devices within a year.

Salesforce Health Cloud Helps Optimise the Patient Experience

Salesforce’s Health Cloud is part of an ongoing initiative to optimise the patient experience and improve levels of care. In developing the application, Salesforce recognised the potential of healthcare providers tapping into cloud-information to cultivate a more nuanced portrait of each patient’s unique needs.

Healthcare clients are no longer satisfied with long wait times between visits to physicians. In fact, 71% of Millennials want doctors to provide a mobile app to actively manage their health. At the same time, 63% are interested in passing on data from wearables to their doctor.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a step in the right direction.

Developed for the Mobile World

The application was developed with input from leading American healthcare companies, and moves far beyond traditional records, connecting patients and healthcare providers in real-time, for a more complete and realistic view of health-related data. It will integrate information from wearables and electronic medical records as well as general practitioner and hospital notes.

Standout features include:

  • Patient Caregiver Map, which documents household relationships, providers and specialists involved in customized patient care
  • ‘Today’ screen alerts caregivers to issues such as missed appointments or prescription refills.

At the Cutting Edge of Healthcare

Joshua Newman, Chief Medical Officer for Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences, says, “The era of precision healthcare is upon us.” It’s an unprecedented frontier for Healthcare, and we’re fortunate enough to be right at the cutting edge with Salesforce.”

For more information on how to adopt the Health Cloud for your business, contact Ceterna today.