Perk up your ears, small and medium businesses — there’s a new Salesforce feature to celebrate.

Building on groundbreaking Relationship Intelligence technology, Salesforce IQ adds to an already impressive suite of intuitive and effective sales tools.

Specifically, this new feature leverages the benefits of Big Data by using data science to drive action and dig deeper into your company relationships.

Here’s how it works: integrated into the Sales Cloud, Salesforce IQ streamlines the process of sending data to the right places.

Meaning? Meaning it gathers and collects information from calendars, emails, calls and marketing automation software into the CRM.

Gone are the days of jumping haphazardly between Google Calendar and push notifications. Now you can focus on the important work—closing sales.

Adam Evans, the cofounder and chief technology officer of RelateIQ calls the new feature “a game changer.” “I don’t have to worry about anything,” he says. “The system just takes care of it for me.” This is especially important for SMBs, who want to focus on growing. Salesforce IQ lends you the time to do just that. It captures all relevant information, surfaces important insights, and accelerates your ability to connect with new customers.

This is Salesforce at its finest—making an unnecessarily complicated daily activity simple, thoughtless, and automated; speeding up every step of the sales process.

Take our word for it. Salesforce IQ is the only secretary you’ll need. Now what are you waiting for? Start selling smarter and faster. The future is here.

For more information on whether Salesforce IQ is right for your business, contact Ceterna today.