We’ve written a lot about automation. Indeed, automating your business processes is a valuable initiative. At the same time, however, this comprehensive undertaking may leave you with different automated systems that don’t work together. In those cases, the energy you should be spending on managing your data is actually spent moving it from one database to another and then back again.

Sage Live aligns with Salesforce to ensure that both of your databases are cooperating. It’s like the two solutions are made for each other, keeping every part of your company supplied with up-to-the-minute information.

It’s a natural fit. After all, your competitive advantage is at stake.

Look closer at Sage to learn what we mean:

Automating for Better BusinessA significant way to keep your company ahead of the competition is to stay faster and more efficient than anyone else. The new Sage Live software helps you bring all the pieces of your company together to develop the best possible resources for your company.

Improving CollaborationSage and Salesforce together means your company will take in information quicker, share it faster and facilitate better decisions. Integrated databases working together gives every member of your company an even deeper understanding of what is going on. When a decision is made, communication will be faster, and every person in the company will quickly be brought up to speed.

Better Information, Better Results Leveraging these resources provides better information for reporting, analysis, decision-making and review. All business owners know very well the “fog” of decision-making – the risks, uncertainties and unpredictable factors. With Sage and Salesforce, you can give your company all the information it requires in a single place.

With Sage and Salesforce together – what’s not to like?

Full Integration Means Full Control  

Integrating your company through databases that intuitively cooperate, making your company more productive and more competitive.

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