In the moments before Black Friday you can already spot anxious crowds circling shop fronts, priming their adrenaline for the mad stampede to (imagined) great deals.

We’ll look on in despair at those crazed shoppers falling over each other in the aisles, but let’s be clear – it’s not an effective way to actually turn your balance sheet from red to black. The way of the future is to calmly steer your company to better savings through superior automation, mobility and analysis. An effective CRM solution such as Salesforce is a key tool for long-term success, not a few days of frenzied madness.

Look at these long-term advantages:

Automation – You see those Black Friday advertisements for a £99 television? That campaign may generate some short-term sales, but it’s far from a long-term strategy. We’ve published before on the importance of automation – touching every part of your organisation and enhancing overall communication, productivity and efficiency.

Mobility – Unlike Black Friday shoppers, high performers don’t wait anxiously outside their client sites then burst through the doors in a mad dash for opportunities. Today, successful firms leverage the competitive edge of mobility by tracking all customer information in the Cloud – making the right information immediately accessible to reps in the field, team leaders in the office or department heads planning their next campaign.

Analysis – What are your customer trends? How are your team members performing? With Salesforce you can leverage Reports and Dashboards to produce for a real-time snapshot on these important decision points.

At Ceterna, we love that Salesforce refers to this capability as “Analytics Playground” – a term that appropriately captures the flexibility, usability and intrigue of leveraging the solution for better data management.

Your analysts, sales teams and C-suite executives will get the insights they need to turn opportunities into positive outcomes.

Are There Savings?

Salesforce can lead your company to greater efficiency, higher productivity, and more savings – while avoiding the stampeding crowds!

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