December is full of distractions; it seems everybody is frantically getting ready for the holidays, or scrambling to close the books on their year-end projects.

Don’t let December become an unproductive month that your wrote off because “nobody was around.” Cut through the clutter by making a strategy that will get you through the holiday season with productivity and success.

Where to start?

Salesforce and Pardot automate your sales and marketing activities so you can quickly identify some quick-win scenarios that will make holiday season productive (and even more festive!). 

Step 1 – Know Your Existing Clients

Your strategy starts with your existing clients.

Take a hard look at these accounts – their business cycles, buying trends and product preferences – then use that insight to foresee your customer’s year-end needs and offer it to them before they ask. It may be the break they were looking for to end the year on a positive note and keep their heads above water in the holiday madness. If that’s the case – you’re on to a winner!

Step 2 – Be Strategic About Prospective Clients

Let’s not forget your strategy to focus on prospective clients – cutting through the distractions and staying on their radar even as they focus on festivities.

Leverage the power of Salesforce and Pardot to create a realistic prospects list. December is short, so be aggressive and realistic about triaging your existing clients by identifying:

  • Those that should close by year-end;
  • Those that could close; and
  • Those that (probably) will not.

With a triaged prospects list, you can make sure your efforts are focused on the right areas and…

Finish the Year on a High Note

The biggest thing to remember in the holiday season is that everyone is distracted. At this time of year, more than ever, it’s essential to make the most of your technology solutions like Salesforce, and make sure your team is putting your efforts towards the areas with a real chance of success. There’s no time to lose focus during the holidays.

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