Welcome to 2016!

As the calendar turns to a new year, people return from their annual holiday breaks, and it takes an extra bit of effort to get your team up and running.

Transitioning to Salesforce can be just the thing to position yourself to drive your business forward in 2016.

Here are some tips for leaving the holidays behind and starting your new year by leveraging Salesforce for success.

Jump on Resolutions

Everyone has New Year’s resolutions – it’s the biggest collection of hope, aspiration and positive thought that most people have all year. But most resolutions dissolve the moment they’re announced.

Why? Because change is hard – it takes tremendous effort and commitment.

This is the time to make it happen – use Salesforce to move your sales and marketing data into the Cloud and make it available to staff everywhere, all the time.

Doing it now sends the right message. Tapping into hope and optimism will show customers that you’re serious about getting results.

Leverage a New Strategy

Whether they know it or not, when the New Year comes, your team and stakeholders are mentally prepared for a new outlook and approach.

A Cloud-based CRM provides ample opportunities to leverage a new strategy for a new year. With Salesforce, you are giving your team a single, integrated platform for sales, customer service and business analytics.

You may be surprised by how readily they embrace it. The New Year does things to people!

Help Customers Overcome the “Catch-Up” Game

Some companies spend January playing catch-up from December. Help them overcome the catch-up cycle – using Pardot and Salesforce with support from Ceterna, your team can best track the clients that you can follow up with giving you a jump-start on the new year.

You’re helping them overcome a problem and get more productive. What could be better?

Turn Prospects into Customers

An effective CRM such as Salesforce already gives you a focused perspective on what prospects could become customers.

Whether you’re syncing your system with Facebook or automating the process of e-mailing marketing materials, Salesforce is the best option to ensure that your marketing and sales are working together.

For more information, contact Ceterna today.