The Salesforce Spring ’16 release continues to innovate to support modern business needs – this spring will be the 49th release of their technology.

These 2016 releases will build on the last year’s Lightning platform – processing more than 90,000 customers and 55 partner components, you can be sure that Salesforce can help your company.

Let’s look at the big steps forward.

Reinventing the Platform

The 2016 Salesforce Spring Release update offers numerous benefits to ensure your team has the tools they need to make your customers happy. This includes:

  • Natively embedded voice software to instantly call prospects.
  • New components to help tailor the experience to your company’s needs
  • Turning your inbox into a command center with everything from your CRM software – including your calendar and communications hub – to better connect your team and empower your sales staff.

This year’s release will continue driving the innovation, flexibility and optimisation that has made Salesforce the leading CRM in the marketplace.

Salesforce Software On-The-Go

The Salesforce Spring ‘16 release drives the next step in today’s mobile evolution; the latest updates will support robust analytics in the palm of your hand for iOS and Android. So whether your sales team is on the road or your managers are checking in between meetings, the latest release keeps your team supported, even when they can’t be fully connected.

Integrating with your company-wide larger system, your team can stay up-to-date, no matter where they are. And it lets you get the computers to do the heavy lifting.

A Seamless Experience 

The integration of different aspects of your company will make interacting with your software a seamless experience for customer and employee alike.

Whether your employees are moving from predictive sales data to specific customer leads or your customers are moving from support to sales, each step of the way your company will be able to deliver the best experience possible.

By aligning your processes with Salesforce, you can create the best experience for everyone.

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