Salesforce Lightning Offers Superior Innovation and Flexibility

Salesforce, the world’s leading Customer Success Platform, continues delivering innovative features and advanced functionality with its newest release – Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce Lightning provides a sleek, consistent and powerful user experience across all devices.

A “Game-Changer”

Salesforce chairman and CEO Marc Benioff describes Salesforce Lightning as “a game-changer” that will deliver a “platform, ecosystem and user-experience to enable companies to transform themselves and connect with their customers in entirely new ways.” Salesforce Lightning is “fueling an unparalleled level of innovation across our entire Customer Success Platform,” he added.

With Salesforce Lightning, companies in all industries will benefit from:

  • A completely new user interface with seamless experience across all devices
  • Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components that quickly and easily create modern enterprise apps
  • Existing customisations can be brought forward immediately to personalise the platform to suit your needs

It’s a significant step forward for the way companies leverage the world’s leading CRM platform.

A Comprehensive Update

Lightning is a comprehensive update – revamping the Sales and Service products and leading to the release of Sales Cloud Lightning and Service Cloud Lightning.

The key advancements include:

Leveraging the CloudUntil now, Salesforce packaging has resembled a “Russian doll,” with Service Cloud encapsulating Sales Cloud, which then packaged the individual features like Chatter. Lightning does away with the Russian Doll approach, making those great features like Force and Chatter available in both the Sales and Service Cloud solutions.

Driving Better CollaborationSalesforce Lightning offers greater collaboration with enhanced workflow and more “Sandboxes” for collaborative and creative work.

Enabling Superior CustomisationSalesforce Lightning is more flexible and customisable, making it more able to align with your company’s systems and processes.

Feel the Bolt

Salesforce customers are accustomed to leveraging the strength of the platform’s innovation and flexibility. With Lightning, there are more opportunities than ever for refined customization and accelerated rates of growth.

Get ready to feel the bolt.

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