Are you leveraging the power of Salesforce Community Cloud?

In a world of constant connectivity, it’s easy to feel isolated behind your screen—even in the business environment. Salesforce has an answer — the Community Cloud, an online social multi-tenant infrastructure that enables your company to connect to customers, partners, employers, and employees, all at once.

Here are three reasons your business will benefit from the new lines of communication and strengthened relationships born from our favourite Community Cloud.

 1. Personalisation

Community Cloud organically nurtures authentic engagement. Right from the start, it suggests people to follow, groups to join, and relevant content to view so that you can start a fruitful conversation or build a meaningful relationship that much faster.

Better still, as the Community Cloud grows to know your behavioral patterns, suggestions become increasingly nuanced and tailored specifically to your business habits and needs only.

 2. Integration

A central feed is crucial for a business of any size. Integration of sales, customer service and marketing information in a singular stream means that you can see the whole picture clearly, and all in real time.

Your sales team can share leads with partners, your customer service reps can troubleshoot faster, and your marketing team can update statuses for all to see. Rather than make the dizzying switch from program to program, Community cloud keeps the conversation local to one feed.

 3. Organisation

Gone are the days of sifting through your hard drive in search of that long lost spreadsheet. Your files are now stored and accessible in the Salesforce Community Cloud. Access them from any device, at any time. Increased organization means increased possibility for collaboration. You’ll always be up-to-date when changes are made. And, like everything Salesforce, security is a top priority.

You’ve heard the expression think global, act local. With Community Cloud, you can bring the axiom to life.

Start a conversation from the palm of your hand and see where it leads. With a thriving global community, you never know what possibilities are lying around the next corner.

Why not join the Salesforce Community Cloud and find out?

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