We’ve been hanging with the new Salesforce Spring 2016 Release for a couple of months and we’re ready to share the highlights as we are finally in Spring Season.

With the Spring 2016 release, things are accelerating faster than ever with the Customer Success Platform. When it comes to productivity growth, we have to admit that Salesforce has a green thumb.

Here’s what has us captivated as we look forward to warmer, longer days ahead.

1. Offline Sales Cloud

We didn’t think the Sales Cloud could get much better, but now its offline for Salesforce1 Mobile App. For those of you who spend a lot of time on the road and in the air as reps, you can now access business data no matter where you are in the world.

2. Wave Analytics

Harness the power of wave analytics with the Community Cloud and yield to the possibilities! Begin more authentic, significant data-driven conversations with dashboards that are tailored uniquely to each individual community member.

3. More Apps

Now that the Heroku Enterprise, the world’s no.1 app development platform has joined forces with the App Cloud, it’s truly unstoppable. Create new, engaging apps quickly, easily and securely.

4. Smarter Marketing

Predictive Journeys is a phenomenal new feature of the Marketing Cloud, leveraging the power of data to analyse customer engagement, and decide on the best next step. Every marketing journey is different, and this awesome new feature recognises the power and opportunity behind every single one of them.

5. SalesforceIQ for Small Businesses

We don’t like to play favourites, but it’s safe to say we’re crushing hard on this new feature.

Out-of-the-box innovation for small businesses, SalesforceIQ enables you to get set up faster, and start selling smarter, from anywhere.

In fact, we love this new release so much that we’re going to break it down even more for you in an upcoming post.

Happy Spring 2016.

Stay tuned, and happy spring! Enjoy the growth.

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