Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the business world before the Cloud. And no, we’re not just a bunch of Millennials who grew up immersed in a world of connectivity. It’s simply that the Cloud has transformed the way Professional Services companies operate so much that we can’t imagine another way.

If you’re working in the Professional Services market you’ll know how important it is to have accurate, transparent and up to date information about your customers and services. In an ever changing technological environment, businesses that aren’t in control of their data are in danger of falling to the wayside, and relying on Excel for all your reporting and customer information just isn’t an option anymore. The world is changing, and if you want to stay ahead of your competitors you’ll need streamlined systems and a clear idea of what your customers need. How? With the world’s number one CRM system.

Of course, it was Salesforce who pioneered what has become the most ubiquitous, sophisticated and cutting-edge Cloud-based CRM software solution.

When you understand your data you’re in control. Salesforce integrates disjointed systems and allows efficient reporting in every area of your business so you can get on top of all your industry challenges:

Challenge: Inaccurate, manually intensive resource forecasting and disjointed systems resulting in poor project portfolio visibility

Salesforce solution: With everything integrated into the Cloud, every aspect of your business works together in harmony, seamlessly linking everything from timesheets and expenses to project management documents. It’s simple, it’s efficient, it’s transparent- and it’s all in one central location.

Challenge: Complex, disconnected financial management and recruitment systems leading to project delays and poor communication

Salesforce solution: With everything linked, skill matching is simpler than ever before and utilisation rates are easy to calculate. A centralised contract repository simplifies the recruitment and commissioning process and remote access to the Cloud means all consultants can view and edit documents from anywhere in the world. Good news if your business relies on clear communication and projects being delivered on time.

Challenge: Manual reporting and invoicing is costly, disjointed and labour intensive

Salesforce solution: A clear 360 view of your customers and an automated invoicing system allow you to significantly cut down on back office costs, facilitating faster decision making and increased efficiency.

Put simply, Salesforce makes everything easier. Once you discover the enormous benefits of managing your team, customers, services and finances in one place you’ll wonder how the professional world ever survived before Salesforce. Take control and start making your data work for you.

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