“67% of people would want messages and deals that are personalised to their preferences.” Retail App Report, Apadami


The Retail landscape has changed beyond recognition. The adoption of digital and mobile technologies has raised the bar in the way consumers shop and interact with retailers, today’s consumers being more empowered than ever before. They expect a personal, seamless and differentiated customer service across mobile, social, online and in-store experiences.

“80% of people would be happy to collect loyalty points on their phone, including when they walk around the store.” Retail App Report, Apadami

To meet and exceed customer demand, retailers must now either disrupt themselves or be disrupted. They need to reimagine their business by adopting new technologies and cloud-based infrastructures to help them overcome all the industry challenges such as:

  • Omnichannel dilemma –  poor customer experiences as store associates and service personnel do not have a single, complete view of their customers.
  • Real-time retail – the challenge to provide a seamless and consistent customer experience across channels.
  • Limited self-service and mobile options for customers to resolve their own issues.
  • Lack of coordination among store associates, service center agents, e-commerce, and distribution functions.
  • Low employee productivity due to multiple systems and complex procedures.
  • Lack of mobile strategy – poor retail app customer experience.

Salesforce Acquires Demandware

Source: “Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Demandware” blog post

More than ever, retailers are recognising the benefits of Salesforce for increasing productivity and improving performance in the marketplace. Building strong relationships with your customers and understanding how they shop, communicate and think is key to great service delivery, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels and increased profits.

As the e-commerce market has been growing at a rapid pace over the last few years, Salesforce continues to exceed everyone’s expectations and improve the way retailers run their business. This time, the #1 CRM announced that they would acquire Demandware, an e-commerce platform that enables brands to deliver unified, personalised experiences for consumers across every touchpoint.  With Demandware, Salesforce will extend its Customer Success Platform with a new business division – Salesforce Commerce Cloud.  Read more in Salesforce’s press release or blog post.

Ceterna Retail

A complete eCommerce solution that enables retailers to sell, manage their business and interact with their customers from one central platform in real time.

As a proud Salesforce Partner, we follow the example and strive for ongoing improvement, exceeding customer expectations being at the heart of what we do. With that in mind, we recently launched Ceterna Retail, a revolutionary business solution for retailers.

Ceterna understand big data and how to make use of it. We’ve played an integral part in the success of a huge range of businesses including Diesel, Rightmove, Charlotte Tilbury, Musto and Playerlayer by introducing Salesforce and enabling them to grow their brands and compete with giants in a way that would never have been possible before. We’re all about making life easier and delivering great customer service, which is why we’ve teamed up with retail experts Fabacus and Salesforce to take business intelligence and productivity to the next level with Ceterna Retail.

Ceterna Retail is a dedicated retail consulting practice whose focus is to address the key issues faced by retailers. Our goal is to provide full stack, best of breed strategic retail solution under one consultancy, for a seamless and consistent customer experience. You can visit our website for more information: www.ceterna.com. or download our Ceterna Retail infographic here.


In conclusion, to get ahead of competition, retailers should begin to invest more in developing a strong omnichannel strategy to ensure a satisfying customer experience whether in-store, on website or mobile.

“The brands that are using technology to create opportunities and provide the optimum experience for customers, are evolving with the consumer.” Retail Gazette