The summer ’16 Salesforce Lightning release is quite a milestone as it’s Salesforce’s 50th release. As summer is one the best seasons of the year, Salesforce have loaded the new release with developments that are bound to supercharge your overall business productivity.

The new release comes with amazing features and enhancements proving why Lightning is the fastest way to connect with customers, employees, and partners.

We have picked the following top 5 features that we believe will change your user experience for the better:

1. Professional Edition now comes with Process Builder – now limits have been increased for more power meaning up to 5 processes can be created to allow advanced and supercharged business process automation.

2. Security Health Check – this feature now enables users to rapidly access a wide range of information about the security of their org and view at what percentage out of 100 their security score is – they can then take recommended actions to improve it from the same interface. This addition ensures your business data is secured and protected.

3. Customisation – giving you full control, this feature allows complete customisation of the homepage to add more accurate and business focused information, like who’s logging in from where, reports/dashboards, news feeds and much more.

4. Create a calendar for any object – track upcoming and on-going campaigns, support cases, retail store events, opportunities that are due to close in seconds, How? Well, the enhance within this release allow anyone in your team to create a calendar from either a standard or custom object by choosing a date field representing data you would like to track this means you can literally build a calendar from any set of records.

5. Communities – better control, added flexibility, and enhanced customisations—that’s what you now get throughout Communities. With pre-moderation, community managers can approve posts before they’re published and freeze members who post inappropriate content. Profile-driven page visibility in Community Builder lets admins target community pages to members with specific profiles.

In the fast growing technology age we are in, it’s key to utilise the resources we have at our reach to ensure systems, processes and work is made not only easier but also more efficiently.

If you would like more information about the Salesforce Lightning Summer release, please click here to get in contact with our team today.