Salesforce Winter ’17 Release offers greater customisation, mobility and connectivity

In a keynote address to this year’s Dreamforce conference, John Ball of Salesforce emphasised: “The sales process is no longer linear.”

He’s absolutely right.

In today’s world, you approach your customer’s needs from a variety of angles – using everything from collaborative communities to mobile conversations and even predictive analytics.

That’s why Salesforce, the world’s leading Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform, continues pushing the envelope by providing greater mobility, customisation and connectivity.

Salesforce Winter ’17 – delivers over 300 new and improved features to help businesses better serve their customers, wherever and whenever they are.

You can get the full picture by reading the 495 pages (!) of release notes – or you can follow the lead of Salesforce-expert like Ceterna by reading our insights below.

Away we go.

Salesforce Lightning takes the next step forward

Salesforce’s latest release confirms that its “Lightning Experience” – the modern user interface offering many of the platform’s mobile, drag-and-drop and dashboard features – is the future.

Many users still rely on the “Classic Interface,” but Lightning is quickly adding new features and more companies are expected to adopt that interface going forward.

Salesforce Winter ’17 takes Lightning to the next level with an enhanced user experience, including:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface with customisable components that lets you work the way you want on any device
  • A new, improved navigation bar with tabs, drop-down menu for records and list views
  • An expanded ecosystem of pre-built apps and components providing critical sales, service and analytics functions

Customisation for your Business

One thing we love about the new release is the degree of customisation the platform allows. It’s powerful stuff.

Salesforce Lighting gives everyone the power to quickly build apps for anything. Lightning lets anyone design the perfect experience with drag and drop – even build the apps or components, and lets your reps work the way they want so they can meet customer needs and close deals faster.

In addition, Lightning is fully optimised for mobile so you can run your business from anywhere.

Do more-on-the-go with Salesforce Mobility

The Salesforce1 app is already a powerful tool for getting stuff done anywhere, but the Salesforce Winter ’17 release adds some key features to the mobile side.

The Salesforce1 mobile app is pumped up with more intelligence, more actions, and more options for sharing information.

Salesforce1 app now allows:

  • Sending SMS messages directly from Salesforce1
  • Users can view more dashboard metrics on a single page
  • Administrators can perform functions like resetting passwords or blocking accounts from their mobile devices

Salesforce1 puts you one step closer to running your business from your phone.

Greater Connectivity

Salesforce’s Chatter feature is a great way for team members to collaborate on an account or a specific case problem. It’s now become even better, offering:

  • Live feeds (rather than the last screen refresh)
  • Ability to add multiple attachments
  • Ability to add and play a video within the feeds

Similar to Chatter, the Salesforce Winter ’17 release strengthens to email functions by allowing users to reply and forward emails directly from Salesforce. Finally, Social Customer Service adds Instagram alongside Twitter and Facebook.

Putting Customers at the Centre

Salesforce is the fastest way to put customers at the centre of everything you do.

The Salesforce Winter ’17 release takes the platform to the next step.

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