Choosing Salesforce as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is your critical first step towards taking your company to the next level. The next step is selecting a partner for your Salesforce-managed support service.

Leveraging the strengths of the industry’s leading CRM solution, your entire company – from the management table to the business units and the field reps – is about to achieve levels of connectivity, automation, and insight that will transform your business.

Maximising the Potential of Salesforce

However, before you start enjoying greater productivity, you must tackle some important questions:

  • How will you optimize Salesforce to maximise its benefits?
  • How will you ensure the platform integrates with your existing systems?
  • Who will train your staff to turn those opportunities into greater productivity?
  • How will you give access to reps out in the field?
  • How will you ensure that implementation works without interrupting your business plans?

Looking at the questions we can see that there are some strong reasons to consider relying on the expertise of a Salesforce-managed support service.

Getting a Salesforce expert on your side will help realise benefits at every phase – during implementation, as your business operations roll out, and when you need ongoing support.

Let’s dive into it:

Implementation Phase –  A seamless integration to get you up-and-running

Implementing a new solution – even a Cloud-based solution like Salesforce –takes time, people and energy. Keep those resources focused on your business by letting a support service do the heavy lifting for you.

A managed support service implements the system, then validates it to ensure it’s working. Imagine coming into the office one day and it just works.

It’s possible. We make it happen every day.

Business Phase –  Putting the power in the hands of your people and teams 

With the solution successfully implemented and validated, it’s time to put Salesforce to work. You’ve worked hard building your organisation’s system and processes. Don’t override that effort. Build on it!

It’s all about integration. Use a Salesforce-managed support service to configure, migrate and customise the Salesforce dashboards and reports to align with your existing systems.

A Salesforce-managed support service also brings the critical things you need to leverage the key benefits.

They will train your people on taking their work to the next level, and the develop apps, including mobile apps, that connect your teams to the Salesforce solution.

Ongoing Support – Giving confidence that business will continue moving forward 

We all know when the wrench falls in the machine – at the worst possible time! Give your company confidence and peace of mind knowing that a support service is there to troubleshoot anything that comes up.

Plus, your environment is changing rapidly. Having a support service on your side means you’ll adapt quicker to the competitive pressures – making Salesforce consistently work for you.

Get the experts on your side

A support service makes sure that Salesforce is working at its max in the implementation, business and support phases.

Need we say more?

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