The Salesforce Spring ’17 Release is in progress…


Thanks to our friends at Salesforce, Spring’s inspiring message of growth can be felt in the recent announcement of the Salesforce Spring ‘17 release.

Salesforce Spring ’17 brings lots of Lightning Experience usability enhancements to make users even happier. Salesforce have built artificial intelligence right into the platform with Salesforce Einstein.

The Salesforce Spring ’17 release is the next step forward in harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence with Salesforce Einstein, while taking efficiency to the next level with the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Let’s see what those changes look like.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues growing

With its Einstein app, Salesforce is on the cutting edge of harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predictive analytics – a constant learning function that automatically discovers relevant insights, automates tasks, then predicts future behaviour and proactively recommends best next actions.

The Salesforce Spring ’17 release makes life for sales professionals even better. Powered by Einstein, your sales reps will save time as every piece of client information is automatically captured, filed and organised.

Are you ready for the Lightning Experience?

Salesforce’s Lighting User Experience is the fast, modern user interface available on every device.

Today we’re seeing both approaches – more companies are migrating to the Lightning, while many organisations continue using the Salesforce Classic interface.

Should you migrate to Lightning?

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about migrating, but the Spring ’17 release just made it a little easier, thanks to the “Lightning Readiness Check.”

Salesforce users can go to their Setup page, click on Lightning Experience Migration Assistant, choose “Evaluate,” and immediately get an automated report outlining your potential for successful migration.

Ceterna can help determine whether the migration makes sense for your company. We are also here to make sure the implementation goes smoothly.

The Lightning Service Console App

For companies already using the Lightning Experience, the Salesforce Spring ’17 release offers some great benefits. For example, the release enhances the Service Cloud by providing the Lightning Experience for Service.

The Lighting Service Console App provides your service agents with a modern, productive workspace. The feature comes with both knowledge and case management functions, or you can use the Lightning Custom App builder to drag-and-drop your own customised version.

With these tools at their fingertips, your service agents will get more accurate information, do it faster, and close more cases in less time.

And your agents can choose the communication channel that best serves your client’s needs. For example, email, Twitter and Facebook are all easily available.

Powering the shopping experience with Commerce Cloud

The Salesforce Spring ’17 also enhances the newest Salesforce Cloud – Commerce Cloud.

Introduced in October 2016, Commerce Cloud adds integrated solutions for commerce – both in-store and online – for point of sale, order management and more.

With this release, Commerce Cloud leverages the predictive power of Einstein to enhance the shopper experience and provide greater insights toward capturing customer shopping and order behaviour. These enhancements apply to the web, social and store features. As Salesforce says in its Spring ’17 release video, “It takes the guesswork out of merchandising.”

Yes, there’s more …

Listing the 300 + changes could go on and on. Some other notable benefits include:

Quip – The next-generation productivity suite combining spreadsheets, task lists and team chat is now part of the Salesforce ‘ohana’ (The Hawaiian term for family), so you can now use your Salesforce credentials to log into Quip and take advantage of these great tools.

Growing Krux Data Management Platform (DMP) – The newest member of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Krux DMP draws data signals from CRM, Commerce, website, mobile and other devices to create more personalised advertising on your websites and social media campaigns.

Audience Targeting for Pages and Groups – This new feature for the Community Platform allows you to personalise the pages based on user profile, location or record type. You can also customise groups for specific business needs.

Ceterna Can Help!

Don’t be intimidated. Embrace the hope of Spring … Spring ’17, that is!

There’s a turning point in your future. Put your trust in a managed support service to make this powerful solution work for your company.

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