London’s Calling 2017

When you see the people, networking and app demos at the London’s Calling event, it’s hard to believe this Salesforce community get-together is somewhat new on the scene.

The 2017 London’s Calling event is epic. With Hundreds of Participants, it was the biggest event to date.

Take it from us – the Salesforce community is social. And we’re not just talking social media, although that was a hot topic during the day.

Throughout the presentations and networking, some key themes emerged. Direct from the event venue, here are Ceterna’s Top 5 lessons from the 2017 London’s Calling.

First of all, let’s start with the most important view – the customer perspective.

Lesson 1 – Speed, consistency and mobility are the name of game

The Salesforce professionals at this year’s London’s Calling agreed that today’s customers, partners, employees and investors expect more. In particular, they expect you to reach them wherever they are with urgency, clarity and customisation.

The delegates remarked that Salesforce drives seamless connections via Twitter, email, or whatever channel your partners prefer. Salesforce Lightning is fully optimised for mobile so you can run your business from anywhere.

Hold that thought as we jump to lesson number 2.

Lesson 2 – Lightning is here to stay

Ceterna knew this already. However, when you see organisations continuing to use the Classic interface, it’s always valuable to meet with professionals from the Salesforce community and get a first-hand reminder how Lightning is the future.

At London’s Calling, we attended great presentations reminding us that Salesforce Lighting – leveraging the Lightning Design System (LDS) – gives everyone the power to quickly build apps or components.

In addition, the talk at London’s Calling embraced that power, but broke it down to its practical bits. Namely, that this level of flexibility leaves the specialists to do most of the work (which we’re prepared to do!) but it also means you must tackle your project with a comprehensive view about the look and feel of your interface.

This brings us to lesson number 3.

Lesson 3 – Consider the UX at all times

Filling the room with developers means enthusiastically diving into coding, integrating and testing, as well as working with our business units and clients.

In the midst of this, we cannot emphasise enough – put your users at the forefront of everything you do. The User Experience (UX) will always have the ultimate vote on whether our innovative work is paying off.

Lesson 4 – Make sure your practices resemble the real world

London’s Calling was kicked off by Salesforce’s Peter Coffee, who, rather than spouting the usual lines about “here’s stuff you should do,” he focused on the “dumb things we’re doing.”

Oh man! He had everyone’s attention with the title!

Most of all, at Ceterna we love discussions like this because they break through the noise and get right to the heart of the matter. Peter talked about “flawed understanding” and questioned whether the names given to certain practices truly capture what we’re doing.

Also, as a great example, he focused on the realities of being a “data-driven organisation.” Indeed, we’ve all seen countless examples of our teams using “Big Data” data that is more like “Garbage Data.”

Lesson 5 – Your demo pitch should be 3 minutes only!

We’ve saved the most exciting bit (the most action-packed part, anyways) for the end.

London’s Calling had a DemoJam – a fast-moving series of demos from app developers. There was a cap of 3 minutes for each pitch. What a way to unveil these cool features.

As a result, the DemoJam covered a lot of ground in less than an hour, and truthfully, it made you realise that a solid pitch gets to the point pretty quickly.

After voting via a URL on their smartphones, the audience chose TaskFeed as the winners.

TaskFeed used their 3-minute demo to show how their app can enhance Salesforce by defining an opportunity, setting the team, assigning tasks, setting the due dates, marking each task’s progress, then using the external sharing function to share the plan with your customer via live link.

If you missed this exciting session, don’t worry. Future events are coming up in centres like Madrid.

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Most of all, Ceterna is a proud member of the Salesforce community, and everyday we push the envelope on optimising this platform and the companies who rely on it.

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