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Is the UK a nation of innovative builders?

Ceterna is pleased to report the data confirms that, yes, we are.

According to The Manufacturer magazine, the UK’s manufacturing sector is the 11th largest in the world, making up 11% of our GVA, 54 percent of our exports, and directly employing over 2.6 million people.

It’s important stuff. Manufacturing is a critical part of our economy.

Competitive Challenges and Opportunities

Like all sectors, however, UK’s manufacturers are facing the challenges and opportunities of competitive pressures and technological innovation, including:

Margin pressure – In most cases, profit margins continue to be squeezed downward.

No 360-degree view Manufacturers remain disconnected from their customers and front and back office Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs). And Sales reps – although key to a company’s growth – are not being equipped to compete in the digital world.

Inaccurate sales and demand forecasting – You can’t jump on opportunities unless you identify them, and you can’t sell what you don’t have.

Limited channel visibility Unfortunately, the path to a big opportunity like a “reseller” – the type of connection that could contribute significant networks and distribution – frequently disappears or stalls because of the lack of continuity of information.

Helping Manufacturers Embrace the Future

Looking to the future, manufacturers must embrace the power of connectivity, predictive analytics and mobility.

Increasing Connectivity While many challenges begin with disconnected systems, today’s technology can empower sales representatives and bridge the gap between old and new ways of doing things.

Cloud CRM and Predictive Analytics – Real-time information, analysis, and communication with customers builds better, more dependable relationships. Predictive Analytics means a reduction of inaccurate sales and demand forecasting, and that your reps will always have the ability to anticipate, meet and surpass customer expectations.

Integration and Mobility – Manufacturers have traditionally dealt with data through their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Of course, the ultimate sales tool involves connecting back office with front office and takes everything mobile. The result is a unified, deep and rich customer profile, which leads to new opportunities and better sales.

What could be better?

Driving the Transformation

Salesforce was designed with the manufacturers’ needs in mind. A 2014 survey by Confirmit found that organisations who adopted Salesforce had some very successful results:

  • 32% growth in sales
  • 40% growth in sales productivity
  • 45% improvement in forecast accuracy.

These outcomes have a direct impact on your bottom line.

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