Leveraging Salesforce for High Tech 

At Ceterna, we love the high tech sector because, while some people dream it, the high tech sector makes it happen – especially here in the UK where there seems to be no limit to the number of innovative ideas turned into reality.

Seven Great Technologies

What innovative ideas are we talking about? Just have a look at our Eight Great Technologies currently driving high tech growth:

  1. Robotics and autonomous systems
  2. Advanced materials
  3. Regenerative medicine
  4. Energy storage
  5. Synthetic biology
  6. Agri-science
  7. Big Data

Driven by greater connectivity

In each of these areas, certain key trends are taking the entire sector to the next level. They include:

Automation  – Automating routine tasks streamlines processes and keeps your company agile.

Predictive Analysis – Demanding constant learning, a capacity for discovering relevant insights, predicting future behaviour, and even proactively recommending best next actions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) – Gathering data from devices, equipment, networks and systems, harnessing information for greater strategic insight.

Commercial pressures are rising

At the same time, these commercial pressures are growing and keeping high tech firms on their toes.

  • Developing and acquiring new business
  • The need for more information
  • Rising customer expectations
  • Customers and partners located in different countries
  • Constantly changing risks

Salesforce: An advanced solution for high tech

As a cloud-based CRM, Salesforce ensures global services are coordinated throughout all operations, giving you a 360-degree view of your entire company.

Improved support across platforms – Salesforce is a unifying solution. It breaks down siloes across a company, leading to new opportunities and better sales.

The Salesforce platform integrates and scales with your organisation – High tech firms will enjoy Salesforce’s flexibility and its ability to integrate with the company’s existing systems, connecting back office with front office and taking everything mobile.

Salesforce MobilitySalesforce’s mobile capability is driven by the Salesforce1 app, a powerful tool to leverage your CRM and keep it up to date from your smartphone or mobile device wherever you are.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predictive analysis Salesforce Einstein makes advanced AI capabilities available to everyone, using massive quantities of data to constantly learn and predict future outcomes by drawing from consumer data, email, calendar and e-commerce.

Improved communications with teams, customers and partners – Real-time information, analysis, and communication with customers builds better, more dependable relationships.

Learn More

Our recent White Paper [Click here to download] provides in-depth coverage, of how Salesforce can take your high tech company to the next level alongside forward-looking insights into the industry’s future.