Constant Transformation: Automation and Agility in Manufacturing

At Ceterna, one of the best parts of our job is watching the constant transformation forward-looking companies and industries undergo in order to maintain competitive advantage.

For example, how do you picture the manufacturing sector? Billowing smokestacks? Long, dreary assembly lines?

Get rid of that view. It belongs to the Industrial Age.

Today’s manufacturing sector is automated, driven by digital technologies and globalised.

Competitive Challenges and Opportunities

Like all sectors, UK manufacturing is facing the challenges and opportunities of competitive pressures and technological innovation, including:

  • Margin pressure – In most cases, profit margins continue to be squeezed downward.
  • No 360-degree viewManufacturers remain disconnected from their customers and front and back office Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs). Sales reps – although key to a company’s growth – are not being equipped to compete in the digital world.
  • Inaccurate sales and demand forecasting – You can’t jump on opportunities unless you identify them, and you can’t sell what you don’t have.
  • Limited channel visibilityThe path to big opportunities runs through channels – from the manufacturer through the resellers, retailers and then your consumers.

There is a way forward with Automation

Sophisticated manufacturers develop their future growth strategies by focusing on automation, Big Data analytics, and delivering services in the after-sales market.

The future manufacturing sector will be led by networked enterprises that use Big Data and analytics to respond quickly to changing conditions, while also pursuing long-term opportunities.

Ceterna knows Manufacturing

Ceterna understands the manufacturing sector, including its internal and external pressures, the challenges of competing in a global marketplace and adopting the right challenges.

Choosing Salesforce as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is your critical first step towards taking your manufacturing company to the next level. Ceterna will help you maximise the Salesforce benefits at every phase – during implementation, as your business operations roll out, and when you need ongoing support.

Our recent White Paper [Click here to download] provides in-depth coverage of how Salesforce can take your Manufacturing company to the next level.