Shoppers use their laptops to research products before visiting a store, or use their smartphone to compare prices every day.

It just shows how today’s customer interactions can be compared to “journeys” or “lifecycles”, with multiple touch points across multiple channels.

Millennial Shoppers Leading the Way (No surprise here!)

Today’s retail experience is being transformed by the influence of digital communications. Just consider the shopping preferences of the millennial generation.

The Salesforce Connected Shoppers Report (2016) found that:

  • 38% of millennials have researched a product via mobile device while inside a store, and
  • 23% have even purchased a product via mobile device from inside a store.

Furthermore, millennials also rely more on social media for product information and reviews.

Success in the Transforming Landscape

A successful retail strategy must engage customers on all channels and be prepared to “shift gears” as the customer moves throughout the shopping lifecycle – between the notification, pre-purchase research, price comparison, store visit, order, delivery and customer service stages.

Also, an integrated, omnichannel approach is the way forward.

Omnichannel Retailing 

Omnichannel retailing is essential for future retail success. Today’s customer journeys span multiple channels: online, mobile, social media, video chat and in-store visits. Omnichannel retailing features:

  • Multiple channels
  • Ability to switch channels with customer preferences
  • 360-degree customer profiles
  • Alignment between online and in-store product offering
  • Sales associates and managers with mobile access

Moreover, the integrated retail marketplace is just beginning, as large retailers invest significantly in innovative online platforms and strategies. Hence, led the entire economy in R&D spending in 2016 by investing more than $US 15 billion in its online ecosystem.

Salesforce is the Ticket

In Conclusion, Salesforce is a critical part of your omnichannel strategy. Salesforce empowers retailers to engage every step of the shopping journey, providing immediate benefits for customers, sales associates, service agents and C-suite executives.

Learn how Salesforce can help your company thrive in the transforming retail industry.

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