Salesforce has always been driven by your sales reps’ needs. The latest user interface (UI), Salesforce Lightning, brings together new features and benefits to continue driving your reps’ productivity and ensuring great customer experience.

As the world’s leading client relationship management (CRM) solution, Salesforce has spent nearly two decades pushing the envelope on technological transformation by giving your sales reps modern design, connectivity, mobility, automation and, in more recent iterations, intelligence and predictive analytics.

Sales Reps Need Agility and Accessibility

Sales reps need good data on your customers and prospects, and they need it quickly. They also need the ability to procure the information themselves rather than waiting for Salesforce admins to produce it.

In addition, the Lightning Experience gives your reps this access and ability so they can do more of what they should be doing: dealing with customers and selling. When it comes to the customer experience, your reps’ interaction with your clients must be intuitive, easy and immediate, providing digital, accessible information clearly, consistently, and instantly.

Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning was developed for the modern sales process, emphasising mobility, customisation, flexibility and visibility.

Most noteworthy, it’s more than just a UI. It’s a new, re-imagined tool that enables reps to maximize their productivity and focus on your customers. Therefore, Lightning can be customised to your business’s processes, priorities and practices.

Overall, the UI offers the following benefits:

  • Extensible, customisable setup
  • Responsive UI across devices
  • Greater mobility via the Salesforce1 mobile app
  • Superior user experience
  • Real-time performance charts
  • Built-in best practices and guidance
Lightning’s Features

Salesforce Lightning UI is extensible and customisable to the way you sell, work, communicate and grow. It’s powerful and easy to use. Some of its key features include the following:

Lightning Sales Path—The comprehensive, all-in-one view gives you superior forecasting ability, pipeline management and team management by allowing you to see where you are in the path, including needs analyses, proposals, negotiations and closes/wins, and how long you’ve been in each stage. You can pinpoint the activities driving the entire company.

The App BuilderWe are in an app revolution. Lightning offers the ability to create your own customisable apps using a full library of components and easy drag-and-drop technology.

Activity Timeline—The Lightning Activity Timeline takes manual data entry off the table by automatically capturing all your emails and calls.

As a result, Salesforce Lightning’s intuitive design provides intelligent content to help you improve win rates with the right content at the right time. With Lightning, your team can pinpoint what action to take next to close deals faster.

Ceterna’s White Paper tells the story

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