A major benefit of Cloud computing is the ability to constantly update and improve software solutions to enhance the Salesforce lightning experience.

First of all, as the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Salesforce leverages that feature by issuing Summer, Winter and Spring releases each year to constantly pioneer a superior User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

The Salesforce Summer ’17 release is now available. Let’s review the highlights.

Summer ’17 Release Drives the Lightning Experience

No surprise for Salesforce users, the Summer ’17 release focused on the Lightning Experience [Click here for Salesforce Lightning blog post] and taking Lightning to the next level.

Maximizing Lightning Adoption

We’ve talked before about how Salesforce is moving slowly and steadily on the migration from the Classic console to the Lightning console. The Summer ’17 release moves the needle a little further by encouraging greater adoption of the Lightning Experience.

For example, Salesforce has allowed users to toggle between Lightning and Classic interfaces. The Summer ’17 release encourages greater Lightning adoption by giving your admin the ability to hide the button that switches back to Classic.

In addition, the Summer ’17 release also drives migration through a revamped Migration Assistant and other options such as a ‘Migration Readiness Report’ to make an educated decision for a roll-out plan.

Enhancements to the Lightning Console

Turning to the Lightning UX, the Summer ’17 release introduces some key enhancements to Lightning Console, including:

Split Console View – The Split Screen provides the usual UI on the right, but the new list view on the left gives immediate access to other cases.

Omni-Channel Utility – Lightning Experience now has the Omni-Channel utility, a comprehensive customer service solution that lets your call centre route any incoming work item – cases, chats or leads – to the most qualified, available agents in your organisation.

Drag-and-Drop files – Lightning makes adding files to records easier, because users can drag and drop them as attachments.

Keyboard Shortcuts – Those quick adjustments are now at your fingertips (literally). For example, users can hit ‘E’ to edit the record, change the detail, and ‘Ctrl + S’ to save it, all without moving their mouse.

Search Enhancement – Your reps can find the right opportunity by searching for an opportunity name plus the account name.

Case Hovers – Reps have quicker access to key case data via Case Hovers.

Third-Party Apps – The App Launcher will now support Third-Party Apps.

Smarter, More Coordinated Campaigns

The Salesforce Summer ’17 release enhances Lightning’s ability to reach your audiences through campaigns.

To begin, Lightning allows you to use your Classic email templates – including your text, custom HTML and letterhead email templates – as well as your Lightning templates.

The Summer ’17 release offers these campaign enhancements:

  • Adding campaign members to reports
  • Showing the campaign field history related list
  • Adding a campaign to an account
  • Showing the campaign influence

Make Connections Faster

Most of all, Lightning Experience now makes the lead conversion process a lot easier by letting you link related files and records to the account and/or contact that’s created after the lead conversion.

With the Omni-Channel Utility added to the Lightning console, your service reps can get opportunities rolling faster. Just consider something that happens all the time: a customer calls the service line, but they are really looking to place a new order. The Omni-Channel now offers an effective way to create and assign an opportunity.

Finally, Lightning Experience now gives you significant productivity improvements in how your teams use Activities within Salesforce. The improved Timeline View allows you to show/hide an individual task or expand details for all tasks.

Ceterna Can Show the Way

In conclusion, As a Salesforce Platinum partner, Ceterna can guide your transformation with a Salesforce solution customised to your organisation’s processes, goals and trajectories.

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