Planes, trains and travel websites

In the 1990s, the dot-com era was bursting with predictions that the world of commerce was on the verge of a revolutionary change. Commentators painted pictures of a digital landscape in which automation, communication and data would drive the way forward in the travel and hospitality sector.

Twenty years later, we can see that some predictions came true, some fell short, and most industries are still working towards their full digital potential.

In the midst of these changes, one industry has been forever changed by the proliferation of technology: the hospitality and tourism sector.

Take a moment to think about it. Try imagining a traveller today who doesn’t jump online to research, compare, inquire, buy tickets, read customer reviews or share their travel plans.

You can’t, can you? It’s unthinkable!

Arriving in airports and hotels and going out on excursions and activities have changed too. Let’s face it—today’s travellers expect more. Many airports no longer request people to queue for check-in, and travellers expect the same easy, technology-enabled check-in experiences at hotels. People want more value and enriched experiences. That’s why tourism and hospitality businesses are at the forefront of the experience economy.

Millennials leading the way

In many ways, the millennial generation is driving these changes. Millennials lead the way in consulting online travel agencies, visiting their destinations’ websites and reading blog posts or reviews from other travellers.

Millennials are also leading the way in seeking experiences. When they travel, they want to learn something new and connect with locals. They also want to share those experiences with the world digitally.

Success in the experience economy 

There is a way forward. The answer lies in innovations that empower this sector to offer more predictive, informed, personalised travel services.

Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM solution, empowers travel companies to help create a frictionless travel experience by providing:

  • 360-degree customer views
  • Personalised communications
  • Great customer experiences
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