“Salesforce Lightning is the CRM we would have built in 1999 if all of the technology that we have today existed back then.”Salesforce Blog, 2016 

As the world’s leading CRM solution, Salesforce is constantly evolving.

Salesforce Lightning is at its latest stage of evolution and drives a constant wave of technological transformation. Each iteration adds features and benefits to better align with the way companies actually conduct sales.

Salesforce Lightning at the Forefront

Not long ago, Salesforce Lightning was the new kid on the block. Fast-forward to today, however, and it is evident that the user interface (UI) that was developed for the modern sales process – emphasising mobility, customisation, flexibility and visibility – has quickly become the standard UI for Salesforce users.

Ceterna knows this well. We work with companies of every size and from every industry, so we’ve seen the Lightning experience grow.

Of course, we also work with many companies that still prefer the classic Salesforce interface. But that is changing. Lightning has gained significant momentum and is moving across your industry.

It’s time to jump on the bandwagon and switch to Lightning.

The Time is Right

Lightning’s early adopters got their immediate advantage, but they also got the unexpected kinks and the higher price that comes with a new release. Since then, overall usage has grown and efficiencies have been realised. You’ll be joining a broad and established group of users.

Lightning Offers More Benefits

Most importantly, switching will deliver significant benefits to your business.

Lightning is more than just a UI. It enables reps to maximise their productivity and focus on your customers.

Here are the key benefits with Lightning:

  • It’s the latest innovation

Giving users the most innovative, most advanced interface that Salesforce could build. As Salesforce says on its blog, “Lightning is the CRM we would have built in 1999 if all of the technology that we have today existed back then.” With Lightning on your side, the advantages will continue to mount up, as Salesforce provides three automatic upgrades each year.

  • Customisable to the way you sell

Offering an easy set-up that can be customised to your business’s processes, priorities and practices. The bottom line is: you configure it to the way that you sell. Moreover, the Salesforce AppExchange has more than 150 Lightning-ready third-party apps, pre-vetted and pre-integrated for Salesforce, to meet your needs.

  • Built for the mobile marketplace

Developed with your mobile workforce in mind. Using the Salesforce1 Mobile App, the UI is responsive to your entire team across their devices, allowing them to access the CRM wherever they are.

  • Provides the newest selling features

Offering more than 55 news Sales Cloud pages and 150 new features. There are far too many to list here, but the highlights include:

  1. Opportunity Workspace – Get the big picture with an overall view of your pipeline, opportunities, and sales path.
  2. Lightning Voice for Salesforce – Connect with customers faster, with voice calls directly in Sales Cloud.
  3. The App Builder – We are in the midst of an app revolution. Lightning offers you the ability to create your own customisable apps, using a full library of components and easy drag-and-drop technology.
  • Gives your reps faster quotes

The Salesforce Quote-to-Cash feature allows reps to do complicated quoting, get discount approval, and generate branded proposals and contracts, all within the CRM!


Comes with best practices and guidance

The Lightning Customer Community release offers immediate access to the community, with information on best practices and lessons learned about the platform and its benefits.

It’s Your Time!

Ready to make the switch? Contact us today.

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