New to CRM? Considering Salesforce? Here’s What You Need to Know

We always refer to Salesforce as the “industry-leading” Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Now, are we just blowing hot air, or do we have some real reasons for making this claim? And what does “industry-leading” even mean?

If you’re new to the CRM game or relying on another solution, here’s a chance to learn what we mean by “industry-leading,” along with the significant benefits Salesforce offers your company. We call it a “customer success platform” for a reason.

In a League of its Own

CRM solutions have real capabilities to help both reps in the field and managers at head office, with basic features such as:

  • Managing contact information
  • Recording interactions with prospects and clients
  • Organising and sorting the data in accessible formats
  • Capturing leads and helping pursue prospects
  • Overseeing every stage of the process: lead, prospect, customer, loyalty.

Before we dive into those day-to-day attributes, let’s step back for a moment. In many ways, Salesforce stands above the field in a class of its own. Here’s why:

More than just a CRM

Salesforce is truly more than “just a CRM.” Salesforce certainly delivers on the CRM fundamentals, but its comprehensive suite of solutions also offers:

  • Sales Cloud for business development;
  • Service Cloud for customer service;
  • Marketing Cloud for creating campaigns and opportunities;
  • Commerce Cloud for offering customer shopping journeys;
  • Artificial Intelligence for automating and predicting future moves; and
  • Mobility through the Salesforce1 mobile app

This doesn’t even mention that the Salesforce AppExchange offers thousands of apps to customise the solution to align with your company’s processes and priorities.

Today’s Salesforce has truly become a “customer success platform”.

100% Cloud-based

As a Cloud-based solution, Salesforce has no software to install or hardware to maintain. Salesforce simply grows along with your organisation. The Cloud enables mobility as your people and teams can access the platform on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Salesforce leverages the power of AI

Salesforce’s commitment to automation also helps put this industry-leading CRM in its own category. Salesforce Einstein leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take large quantities of data and drive predictive analytics. It’s a business driver that is one step ahead of you, and far beyond the standard CRM functions of collecting and organising your customer data.

CRM Features: Customer Data at your Fingertips

With those outstanding features already on the table, let’s now dive into the more CRM-type features, such as organising your customers and prospects information.

Your Contacts: Customers and Activities – Gives a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects. You can quickly and easily access a specific customer’s activity history, interactions and discussions with team members, and even information from social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, all in one place.

Your Pipeline: Greater Visibility for Sales Forecasting – gives visibility to your entire pipeline, from the prospect stage through to the competitive and quoting process.

Your Prospects: Advancing your Business Development – allows you to track leads better with more accurate and up-to-date customer information.

Your Reports: Dashboards and Reporting – allows you to quickly and easily create customised sales reports by using drag-and-drop fields, filters and groupings to gain an immediate real-time view.

World-Leading CRM Platform

Salesforce offers real benefits to companies from all sectors – providing: 

  • Three major releases each year;
  • An easy-to-implement solution; and
  • A simple and robust User Experience (UX).

With these features on your side, your reps can focus on what really matters – selling and managing client accounts.

While we say Salesforce is an “industry-leading” CRM, it’s equally true to say that it’s also a “world-leading” CRM solution. As your company expands throughout the country and into other markets, your platform will grow with you.

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