Embracing the Next Great Step in Your Salesforce Toolkit    

As a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, we’re constantly reminded how Salesforce is “more than a CRM.” If you’re a platform user, then you know the feeling – you’re among the 2.3 million Trailblazers who know that Salesforce is much more than a database for customer information.

If you’re already using a platform, does that mean you’ve harnessed the solution for your company’s maximum benefit? Probably not. It’s just a fact of life that people do not use their technology to its full capacity.

We constantly work with companies who have already achieved success using Sales Cloud to manage their sales activities, coordinate their customer profiles and manage every stage of their sales pipelines.

But what is next?

Is this their opportunity to enhance greater productivity by embracing other Salesforce Cloud solutions?

It probably is. Let’s see.

Harnessing the Power of Salesforce 

The Salesforce modules are comprehensive and the possibilities are exciting. Just look at a handful of them:

  • Service Cloud for customer service;
  • Marketing Cloud for creating campaigns and opportunities;
  • Commerce Cloud for offering customer shopping journeys;
  • Artificial Intelligence for automating and predicting future moves; and
  • Mobility through the Salesforce1 mobile app

That’s just the start. Salesforce puts countless possibilities at our fingertips, but the truth is Salesforce is a single, integrated platform to build a customer-centred business at every point of contact – from sales, customer service, marketing and business analysis.

It’s the next step in your company’s growth. Ceterna can show you the way.

The Next Step of your Salesforce Journey

We recommend focusing on the Salesforce modules that will allow you to drive better collaboration, customer service and business proposals.  

This post will focus on:

  • Building better partnerships with Community Cloud;
  • Providing greater customer service with Service Cloud;
  • Submitting quotes faster and more accurately with Salesforce CPQ.  

Let’s jump in.  

Step 1 – Community Cloud

Your business has probably grown to the point where it’s much more than just a functional workplace. It might be starting to flourish as an ecosystem of interconnected relationships. Each day you are collaborating with customers, partners and employees, and they come together in your company’s ecosystem to make stuff happen.

That’s why Salesforce Community Cloud is the next step in your journey. The collaborative opportunities are significant.   

To begin, Community Cloud provides a platform for your most valuable asset – your people – to collaborate and create social, mobile and branded Employee Communities.

Next, it means connecting with your partners outside your organisation – resellers, distributors and suppliers – so they can tap into your Partner Community to find more expertise, update their records, and close more deals.

This is where your business really takes off – Customer Community is a resource dedicated to improving your customer relationships with functionality for purchasing, providing feedback and sharing information.

Step 2 – Service Cloud

Number two is the Service Cloud.

You’ve put real energy into managing your pipeline and turning leads and prospects into customers. Now your company has grown to where you must focus on providing those customers with great service. Service Cloud is your tool to empower your agents with smarter, faster service tools. Agents will thank you for enhancing their ability to solve customer problems by putting the right tools at their fingertips.

With Service Cloud and Community Cloud on your side, you have the most powerful customer service platform in the game. The communication goes two ways: customers can provide feedback on your product or service, and at the same time, the Community provides a robust self-service experience that helps customers answer their own questions while freeing service agents to focus on the most complex calls.

Step 3 – CPQ

And now for step 3.

What should your company add to its Salesforce toolkit? What do we recommend?

Hmmm – this is a little tricky.

We could add a sector specific tool like Financial Services Cloud or Health Cloud, or we could add Einstein Analytics for superior business data or Chatter for enterprise social networking. The decision would depend on your industry, size and growth trajectory.

We believe the ticket is: Salesforce CPQ.

You’re at the stage where you are expanding quickly and moving on a vast array of opportunities. You need a flexible, dynamic CPQ process — Configure, Price, Quote – to make your submissions quick, your proposals accurate, and your control precise.

Salesforce CPQ gives your reps the ability to deliver quotes quickly and with the standard requirements. Salesforce CPQ:

  • Cuts time out of the process of building the proposals,
  • Gets the right items for each customer, every time, and
  • Streamlines the billing and revenue collection processes.

CPQ proposals lead to better contracts and better business.

Leveraging Salesforce for your Next Stage of Growth

Remember: If you’re already using Sales Cloud, and your company has seen some success, then you’re probably ready to start harnessing the full power of Salesforce.

Ceterna can help

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