By Boyana Mancheva – Head of Marketing Automation at Ceterna

Social media has completely transformed the way consumers perceive brands, the way they interact and their buying behaviour. It’s essential that marketeers recognise the importance of social media marketing and presence across these channels.

As we move to completely customer focused marketing, marketeers need to create social content that engages followers in discussions, raises brand awareness and drives conversions.

With dramatic changes in the marketing environment in recent years, every member of your organisation is now a PR rep for your brand and each of your followers can be your very own brand ambassador. It’s no longer about just hitting the numbers and increasing followers to make your reports look good, today it’s all about making meaningful connections with each customer and building a nurturing community with them.

Social media has become a compulsory component of your communications strategy, regardless of business size. It’s the responsibility of Marketeers to make sure they have the right tools and resources to harness the opportunities social media brings.

A tool that’s being added to more and more marketers toolkits is a social listening platform…

What is Social Listening?

Social Listening identifies conversations about your brand, monitors the attitudes and sentiment of your customers and intelligently tracks conversions from social channels.

Actively listening and engaging with your followers helps you understand what consumers are saying about your products, services and website to identify patterns, recognise trends and capture valuable insight for better decision making.

It not only helps you plan and manage your social content; it helps you pinpoint your biggest brand advocates and enables you to better interact with them.

What is a Social Listening Platform used for?

LISTENING – Understand what people are interested in, what generates discussions and engagement, what’s trending and who’s influencing the conversations.

SENTIMENT – Gauge your followers reactions and analyse how prospects and clients feel about your brand. Is there a positive, negative or neutral attitude to your brand in their own content? Adapt your sentiment models to intelligently earn what is good or bad.

INSIGHT – Get strategic insights for your business – Identify keywords and topics, track hashtags and phrases, monitor issues your customers may be experiencing, get instant feedback on a new product release and identify future requests.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Social listening deciphers and organises the large amounts of data being pumped through social media, presenting you with intelligence that feeds into all areas of your business. Uncover the next big feature to add to your product development pipeline.

IDENTIFICATION – Social listening helps you retrieve that needle from the haystack – identifying your main influencers, enabling you to build a relationship with them.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: Listen to what are your competitors talking about – what’s their outreach? How are they engaging with their community and how’s their community responding?

CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Should things go wrong, social listening enables you to react quickly to solve issues before they grow to an unmanageable size. It’s an effective tool providing you with the opportunity to turn a negative situation into a positive one. We’ve all seen costly examples of unresolved issues in social over the years!

Choosing a Social media management tool is never easy. It’s important that you pick the right solution for your business…

Introducing – Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio

Of course there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to social management products and this is definitely not an easy task for marketeers. With that in mind, I’d like to highlight Social studio which is part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Social Studio is the result of a successful acquisition of Raidian6 and Buddy Media in 2014. Marketing Cloud Social Studio was identified by Salesforce as the final piece of the marketing platform puzzle, connecting your marketing, service and sales teams with your social channels.

Everyone should be benefiting from a powerful social media tool that integrates with and complements the entire business, not just your social media and marketing teams. Social Studio Integrates with your CRM platform and goes way beyond a typical social listening tool; It’s a solution that empowers everyone in your business, bringing valuable insight to all.

The right social media tool helps you cut-through the noise, enables you to respond appropriately, monitor more effectively and analyse more accurately. Social Studio enables you to listen to conversations, engage with your community, publish on social media , streamline your social processes and build a more complete picture of your customer.

Some of the functionalities I enjoy on the platform are:
  • The ability to create workspaces / different work groups. These could be organised by social accounts, products, campaigns, business units, regions, etc.
  • The hierarchy of roles and permissions that allow you to control and manage the information available for different users.
  • Collaboratively posting and sharing new content and responding in a centralised and efficient way.
  • Creating different topic profiles so you can discover conversations around your brand and segment the types of conversation.
  • Approval rules that enable fast preview and approval of content before it goes live to maintain a consistent brand tone.
  • Powerful dashboards and custom workbenches that provide business intelligence for informed strategy decisions.
  • A mobile app – use Social Studio on the go and access it at any time.

Find out more about Social Studio here

Stay tuned for more tips on how to use Social Studio….